“Fifth Facade” finalized lineup announced, focusing on the construction industry

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China News Service, July 20. After more than three months of intense filming, the urban workplace emotional drama “Fifth Facade” was officially completed on July 19.

The TV series “The Fifth Facade” is directed by Guo Jiangxi as the chief producer, Liang Meixia as the chief screenwriter, and directed by Ren Chengwei, starring Xi Wang and Zhang Lu. For the first time, it is based on the architectural design industry of Qianfan competition. Focusing on the group of architects, it tells the growth story of young architects.

“Fifth Facade” finalized lineup announced, focusing on the construction industry

The reason and original intention of “Five Facades”, the play’s chief screenwriter Liang Meixia said: “I have worked part-time in the design institute for many years and have been involved in the management of the design institute. Young designers work hard, struggle, and make progress in the design industry, and they conquer projects one by one. , From a newcomer to the workplace, to creating landmarks in cities, I am proud and proud of their achievements, so I still hope to use pen and ink to write about the work, life and growth experience of the younger generation of designers. To inspire young people from all walks of life who are still struggling in the workplace, they must always be positive and have a bright future.”

Liang Meixia majored in architectural design from undergraduate to doctoral degree, but she is in drama There are no profound professional theories in the book, but the events related to the profession are written in a very down-to-earth manner. “For example, the floor area ratio, the housing yield rate, the greening rate, the area gift and other bridge sections, this is the general residential home buyer. The most concerned, everyone can understand, and will gain a deeper understanding of some basic concepts of architecture by watching this show.”

“Fifth Facade” is based on the career of several young architects. , Feelings and life as the entry point, vividly drawn the three-dimensional panorama of the persistent ideals and striving for progress of the architects as newcomers in the workplace, which can be called a contemporary “illustration book of architects”. In the face of difficulties in career and life, the contemporary architects in the play are wise and sincere, tenacious and independent, warm and mutually helpful, and overcome difficulties with the team, conveying positive energy of upward, good and beautiful.

“The Fifth Facade” has a strong lineup behind the scenes. The chief producer Guo Jiangxi enjoys a high reputation in the industry. The chief screenwriter Liang Meixia is the producer and author of the hit drama “Reading with Mom”; the director Ren Chengwei is famous Actor, has portrayed many classic roles and won many awards. The filming of “The Fifth Facade” as a director this time is also Ren Chengwei’s second directing of the TV series after “You Only Have Home”.

In addition, the addition of young actors such as Xi Wang and Zhang Lu also added a lot to the show. It is worth mentioning that, in order to strictly control the architectural profession, the play specially invited the director and team of the chief engineer office of the design institute to review the props of each play and the scripts announced daily. In order to clearly show the urban texture and architectural aesthetics, “The Fifth Facade” chose to shoot in Shanghai. It will show the audience the modern and artistic Shanghai Fangda Architectural Design Institute and the beautiful project site, presenting a rich and multi-dimensional modern beauty. , Show the beauty of architecture and city.