“Five One Hundred”, China is inseparable from struggling you and me

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“Five One Hundred”, China is inseparable from struggling you and me

Chinanews, Beijing, July 26th (Zhang Yilin) ​​”Struggling people, struggling China”. The prosperity of a country cannot be separated from the struggle of the people, and the development of a nation cannot be separated from the power of spirit. In the rush of times, everyone is a bright wave.

Recently, China Positive Energy’s 2021 “Five Hundreds” online boutique solicitation, selection, and broadcast activity was launched. The selection activity focused on major themes such as celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, poverty alleviation, anti-epidemic achievements, and building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way, soliciting, selecting and broadcasting hundreds of online positive energy role models, hundreds of online positive energy texts, and hundreds of online positive energy pictures. Hundreds of online positive energy animation audio and video works and hundreds of online positive energy thematic activities.

Transmit China’s positive energy and pay tribute to the spirit of role models.

Some scenes are unforgettable for us. More than 6 million cherishers offered flowers to pay tribute to the “Father of Hybrid Rice” Yuan Longping on the Internet, and more than 200 condolences were plastered on both sides of the walls; the staggering footsteps of Zhang Guimei, the principal of Randeng The hands covered with ointment quickly became a hot search on the Internet, which moved countless netizens, reposted them, and paid tribute to the role models of the times.

Some names make us stand in awe. Zhong Nanshan, who “dare to be doctors and dare to speak,” greeted the epidemic again at the age of 84; Zhang Boli, who came to Wuhan, and Chen Wei, who took action to defend his life and conquer the new crown vaccine…

The great era calls for the power of role models, and the “Five Hundreds” selection activity promotes positive and positive actions in cyberspace. Energy, records the pioneers of the era, tells stories that touched China.

These people are so ordinary, and these things are so great. Jilin armless farmers live broadcast the goods, leading the villagers on the road to get rich; sender Ge Junlong serves as the “courier of life” to deliver hematopoietic stem cells to patients…

There is no hero who falls from the sky, only stands up The mortal who came out. Every face that emerges in the selected works has created extraordinary deeds with ordinary bodies, shining with the brilliance of human nature, and merging into the surging waves of the wave of the times.

“Please rest assured that the party will strengthen the country!” At the celebration of the centennial of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the oaths made by the Communist Youth League members and young pioneers resounded across the sky.

A hundred years ago, a group of young people struggled to explore the future of national rejuvenation in the stormy China, and founded the Communist Party of China amidst hardships. The red boat of the times is sailing towards today, and the Chinese youth in the new era carry out their original mission with a confident declaration and continue to write the chapter of the times.

Net gathers positive energy to build concentric circles. Today, the “Five One Hundred” selection activities have gone through five sessions, and countless participating works have recorded thousands of stories and depicted hundreds of faces.

Looking forward to the future, we need to pay tribute to these lovely people on the road towards the second centenary goal and pass on the positive energy of upwards and goodness.

Hundred years have been flourishing, and the future will still need to go through trials and hardships. In the selection of the “Five Hundreds” works, the bright waves are picked up and gathered into the ocean of the future; looking for pieces of exquisite cards, piece together the magnificent picture of the new era.