“Island Guardian” Box Office Breaks 100 Million Experts: New Breakthrough in Biography Films

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China News Service, Beijing, July 21 (Reporter Gao Kai) The full-moon movie “The Island Watcher” recently surpassed 100 million box office. At the film’s seminar, relevant experts believed that “Island Guardian” had made a new breakthrough for biographical films.

“One thing, one life, one promise, one life guard.” Based on the “people’s model” Wang Jicai and his wife Wang Shihua stationed on the border islands for 32 years of real deeds, the film “Island Guardian” uses realistic lens, The simple narrative moved the Chinese audience.

On the same day, film director Chen Li, starring Liu Ye, Gong Zhe, Hou Yong, industry experts, and ordinary audiences participated in related live broadcasts to “communicate” the life of the island, and experts and film critics “consensus” seminar , The audience’s “empathy” viewing party and other forms, walked into the story of Wang Jicai’s 32 years of guarding the island and wrote the original mission of the new era.

The film “Island Watcher” broke the box office record of biographical films with its solid creation and moving story, becoming the first-day box office champion, single-day box office champion and cumulative box office of this type of film. champion.

At the seminar, the participating experts believed that the film used realism and romanticism to care for life, and wrote an epic of the struggle of a civilian hero. It brought the audience to the audience with sincere narration and sincere emotions. The most real move. “Island Guardian” is a breakthrough in film and television creation of heroes and models, defense theme film and television, and reality theme film and television creation.

“The success of this film is a heavy spiritual creation dedicated to the times and to the people by Chinese filmmakers.” Zhong Chengxiang, the former vice chairman of the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, commented on the film.

He said that this kind of spirit of doing one thing for the people with no distractions and consistent spirit is portrayed as true and profound by the movie.

“Island Guardian” Box Office Breaks 100 Million Experts: New Breakthrough in Biography Films

Photo courtesy of Zhang Hong, Secretary of the Party Group of the China Film Association, Film Channel

Zhang Hong, Secretary of the Party Group of the China Film Association, reviewed the history of the creation and distribution of biographical films at the seminar, and praised “The Island Watcher” “Success in word of mouth and box office. Zhang Hong believes that “The Island Watcher” is an aesthetic expression of realism and heroism. He emphasized that creators can only create good works if they follow their heart and conscience in a down-to-earth manner.

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p >Vice Chairman of the Association of Filmmakers, photo courtesy of Director Yin Li Film Channel

“The fundamental thinking of our film creators is, what will we leave for this era?” Vice Chairman of the Association of Filmmakers, Director Yin Li Such a problem was thrown at the meeting. In his opinion, “The Island Watcher” answers this question. Yin Li pointed out that this film is a portrait of filmmakers for the times, leaving the extraordinary life of ordinary people on the image. “It will provide fresh, concrete and persuasive enlightenment to the creation of Chinese film realism for a long time.” Yin Li commented on the film in this way.

At the seminar, Cao Yin, director of the Film Channel’s Program Center, introduced that since the launch of “The Island Watcher”, the Film Channel has been tracking the film, and has been in the front line more than ten times to observe closely. The crew sees that every chief creator is fulfilling his original mission.

Cao Yin believes that the success of the film comes from deeply rooting the people in life, insisting on the people-centered creative orientation; entering the spiritual world of the creative objects, and intermingling with each other. He said that in the film, he felt “the shock of art, the resonance of thought, the touch of soul, the sublimation of spirit.” Zhou Youqiang, director of the theoretical research office of the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, said that the film embodies the principle Respect for common sense, life logic and emotional logic is a masterpiece of strong realism.

Director Ding Yinnan praised Chen Li for forming a remarkable style, and humorously expressed the hope that she could score twice with “Island Guardian” and win the Best Director Award again. “Kaishan Island is also a symbolic area. We see that the logic of the character’s personality is gradually sublimated and transformed.”

The former vice president of the Chinese Academy of Art and researcher Jia Leilei commented that the film is authentic and credible. Using personality, soul, morality and many other factors, the 32-year persistence is shown to the audience, and the audience is convinced that Wang Jicai’s persistence is “the responsibility of the country, the public interest, and the mission of the mission.”

Hu Zhifeng, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and vice principal of Beijing Film Academy, analyzed the creation of the film with “conflict and harmony”. He believes that the film constantly expands the artistic tension through the antagonism of large and small, the fusion of joy and sorrow, and the conflicts that have been cleaned up. It has opened up the big historical development vein with small stories and small lives. Hu Zhifeng said that although the film is a small theme, it has been made into a big production, just like Qingliu, which has left us a new benchmark for the main theme of the new era.

In the seminar, the leading actors Liu Ye and Gong Zhe also shared their performance experience. Liu Ye said frankly that this is one of his most satisfying works in recent years, and his creative purpose is to return to the basics.

On the same day, the film channel Rongmedia Center launched We are all “island guards” live broadcast, hosted by the film channel Rongmedia Center and Bayi Film Studio, Jiangsu Xingfu Lanhai Film Co., Ltd., Hebei Radio and Television Co-sponsored by Film Culture Co., Ltd., Fujian Film Studio, and China Film Distribution Co., Ltd., the spirit of the island will be passed on to more audiences in the form of live broadcast of the media.

In the live broadcast, Liu Ye revealed that before the filming started, he and the crew went to Kaishan Island to gather the scene, sweep Wang Jicai’s grave, and chat with his widow Wang Shihua. Then he went to the filming location to bask in the sun, throw crab cages, experience life, and return to the state of real creation. Liu Ye said: “Because of such a real prototype, the image information we have learned and the various information we can capture are real. The power of reality is the most moving.”

Zhe said that she is also trying her best to get close to the role prototype: “This is the process from performance to expression, but also the process of blending between self and character.” When she saw the kerosene lamp props of the crew, she also recalled her most memorable A scene-the first time I said the line “You guard the island, I will guard you”.

The lead actor Zhang Yishan shared the experience of filming through the connection. He felt that he had experienced himself during the filming, and he hoped that the results of the filming would infect more audiences. Zhang Yishan said that as a young person, we must have goals, whether it is career, affection, or love, we must guard the island in our heart and work hard for our goals.

At the after-screening meeting of the movie troupe, Wang Shihua, wife of Wang Jicai, the prototype of the film “Island Guardian”, also came to Beijing to meet the audience. Seeing the enthusiastic audience, Wang Shihua passionately shared her heart journey from not supporting Wang Jicai’s guarding the island to following his life on the island together. Tears swirled in Wang Shihua’s eyes. She said: “Between us is where he is and home is. He guards the island, and I guard him. He guards the country, and I guard home.” End)