Japan strives for 30 gold, these athletes are the most concerned…

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(Tokyo Olympics) Japan strives for 30 gold, these athletes are the most watched…

China News Service, Tokyo, July 22 (Reporter Xing Chong and Zhu Chenxi) The opening of the Tokyo Olympics is about to start, and the host, Japan, is dispatched. 582 athletes participated in all 33 major events, which also set a record for the number of Japanese delegation participating in the Olympic Games. Japan has even set the goal of winning 30 gold medals and entering the top three in the gold medal list.

The race is about to start, who is the most watched athlete in Japan? Who will become the most stable gold spot in Japan?

Momota Kento: Return of the King, the sword points to the gold medal

During the Tokyo Olympic cycle, Kento Momota, who has absolute dominance in the men’s singles badminton arena, is none other than him in 2019. Won 11 international championships such as the finals and the World Championships, surpassing Li Zongwei to become the player with the most annual championships in the history of badminton.

Japan strives for 30 gold, these athletes are the most concerned…

The picture shows Kento Momota in the game. Photo by China News Agency reporter Lu Ming

Xiandou Taotian’s Olympic road has never been smooth. At the Rio Olympics five years ago, Kento Momota, regarded as a rising star in badminton, was suspended for participating in gambling. In January 2020, after winning the Malaysian Masters, Kento Momota suffered a car accident while heading to the airport and was subsequently diagnosed with a fractured right eye socket. His Olympic prospects were once clouded.

However, before going to Bangkok to participate in the Thailand Open in January this year, Kento Momota tested positive for nucleic acid at the airport, and the Japanese team was absent from the event. After experiencing car accidents and various shocks from the confirmed new crown, Kento Momota can be described as “unfortunate.”

Fortunately, Kento Momota has recovered and he will win the men’s singles championship. With the retirement of Li Zongwei, Lin Dan and other veterans, the defending champion Chen Long’s state has declined, and Momota Kento has naturally become the biggest favorite for men’s singles.

Jiangmoto Tomokazu: In good condition, striving to win the championship

Japanese Chinese-American player Tomokazu Zhang is a super new star emerging from the world table tennis during the Tokyo Olympic cycle, and the 2018 ITTF finals He defeated a group of Chinese national players and won the men’s singles championship. In the official competition, Zhang Benzhihe also defeated Fan Zhendong and Ma Long. He was the biggest opponent of the national table tennis in the men’s singles event in the Tokyo Olympics.

Japan strives for 30 gold, these athletes are the most concerned…(1)

Although this is the first time that the 18-year-old Zhang Bentomo has participated in the Olympics, he is in a good condition in Japanese media reports-“Jang Bentomo’s forehand attack power has also been visually enhanced. Even in daily training, he will be from time to time. The roar seems to be yelling, “Hurry up and start the game.” It can be seen that he is very motivated and can’t wait for the first Olympic Games.”

Zhang Benzhihe has repeatedly called out the goal of winning the Olympics. Liu Guoliang, chairman of the Chinese Table Tennis Association, also said frankly that the overall strength of the Japanese team is very obvious, and it is not easy for the Chinese team to compete for gold at their home court.

Kohei Uchimura: Four dynasty veterans, the battle of the curtain call

The “Almighty King” of Japanese men’s gymnastics will participate in the Olympic Games for the fourth time. After winning the silver medal in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the era of Uchimura Kohei came, and from then until the Rio Olympics in 2016, he had no opponents in individual all-around events during the World Championships and Olympics, and he has a very high reputation in Japan.

Japan strives for 30 gold, these athletes are the most concerned…(2)


p > However, at the Tokyo Olympics, Japanese audiences missed the chance to see this local darling conquer the men’s all-around. Affected by many years of injuries, Uchimura’s state has declined after the Rio Olympics. The reason why he chose to stick to the Olympics is because of the Olympics held at his door. However, he will only participate in the horizontal bar competition, and this will be his last time to participate in the Olympics. .

Last year, a positive test report for the new crown almost disappointed his hopes of participating in the competition. Then the plot reversed, and after another test, Uchimura was proved to be a “false positive”. In this year’s Olympic trials, Uchimura won a thrilling victory in the horizontal bar event and caught the last Olympic train.

However, if Uchimura wants to make a perfect curtain call with a gold medal, he has to withstand the impact of young players.

Chijiang Rikako: Conquer the disease and rebirth from Nirvana

Swimmer Chijiang Rikako is regarded as an inspirational symbol by the Japanese people. As of the end of 2018, she won 16 gold medals in various international competitions, broke dozens of records at various levels, and was elected Japan’s best swimmer of the year. However, at the beginning of 2019, Chijiang Lihuazi was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia, and then announced the suspension of the game and concentrated on recuperating.

Japan strives for 30 gold, these athletes are the most concerned…(3)

Although the treatment process is extremely difficult , But Chijiang Lihuazi showed super perseverance. After being discharged from the hospital after more than 10 months of treatment at the end of 2019, Chijiang Rikako’s original goal was to fight for Paris to return to the Olympic Games in 2024, but because of the postponement of the Olympic Games and the slow recovery of her body, she hopes to hit the Tokyo Olympics.

It is understood that in the Tokyo Olympics, Chijiang Rikako will focus on the relay race, or will participate in the 4×100m medley relay and other events.

Their performance has also attracted attention…

Four-time Grand Slam winner Naomi Osaka is the top favorite of the Tokyo Olympic tennis women’s singles champion. She has been training in the United States before, she said bluntly Want to win the championship at home.

Swimmer Taiya Seto has won gold medals in the men’s 200m and 400m medley at the 2015 and 2019 World Championships. The backstroke star enters Gangneungsuke and will compete in the men’s 100m backstroke and 200m backstroke. The two backstroke events are Xu Jiayu’s biggest opponents in winning gold. In the men’s sprint event that has received the most attention, Yamaxian Ryota, who played in the men’s 100 meters, bluntly stated that he would enter the finals, and the Japanese relay team even proposed a gold goal.

In the field of badminton, in addition to Kento Momota, women’s singles players Akane Yamaguchi, Hope Okuhara, and the women’s doubles combination Yuki Fukushima/Ayaka Hirota, Maysuke Matsumoto/Kana Nagahara are all favorites to win; Table tennis players Mizutani Hayabusa, Ito Mima, Hirano Miu, etc. also have the ability to hold cards. The Japanese women’s volleyball team is also a strong team in Asian volleyball.

The new Olympics baseball and softball, karate, rock climbing, surfing and skateboarding are all the advantages of the Japanese team. Especially in the baseball and softball event that entered the Olympics after 13 years, the Japanese women’s team Was the 2008 Olympic champion. On the 21st, the 39-year-old Japanese women’s softball legendary pitcher Yukiko Ueno made the first goal of the Olympic Games, and the last shot of the women’s softball game in the last Olympic Games was also made by Yukiko Ueno.

Japan has won a maximum of 16 gold medals in a single Olympic Games before. If the Olympic Games wants to reach the 30 gold goal, these powerful players will be the hope. (End)