Lost but not lost

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I would like to give this document to you who are also confused.

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Everyone will have the opportunity to touch Encountering the moon

The long road in life, some people live sober and move forward unswervingly toward their goals; some people are muddled and unconscious, being touched by reality every day The torrent pushed forward.

No matter what kind of lifestyle, confusion is a necessary stage for everyone. It can make us lose our goal, feel that the road ahead is bleak, and it can also reinvigorate us, rethink what we are doing and the direction of life, and make adjustments to become a better version of ourselves. At this stage, we can temporarily slow down, recall what we have experienced in the past, and reflect on our lives:What kind of life do I want? What is the goal I want to achieve? What skills do I want to develop? …Maybe some enlightenment can be gained from it.

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Confused but not lost

once Like most English majors, I attend classes, take final exams, and do research to prepare for the future. But the future job of this major is nothing more than being a teacher, translating, and using my strengths wherever a foreign language is needed. All these seemingly tall jobs are not the employment goals I want in the future.

In fact, when I first chose my major, it was just because I was good at English in high school, and I didn’t understand other majors, so I started my four years of university in a daze. career. So when I was about to graduate, I was confused about what to do. I used Weibo at school, followed dramas, and tracked the latest developments of idols in real time. After the holidays, I would spend time at home every day, watch TV, play on my mobile phone……

This state can be described by one word:”Lying down.””Lying Ping” has been widely discussed as a hot search term recently. Under the pressure of reality, we can easily escape to find our own comfort zone, imagine that a large sum of money will fall from the sky and live without any worries.

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Escape from your comfort zone

Soon, I found out that this would not work. After a short period of enjoyment and pleasure, it brings more and more intense anxiety and anxiety. And anxiety will directly lead to the deterioration of the state, which is a vicious circle. One time, my friend Xiao A asked me if I wanted to re-examine the teaching resources. She wanted to sign up with me.

“In the second half of the year, I plan to apply for teaching resources and three pens. I am about to get an internship. I want to have a more fulfilling life.”

Even when faced with Looking at the phone screen, I can feel the excitement and impetus after she has determined her goal. Suddenly I was in a daze. When was the last time I seriously prepared for an exam? Except for the final exam, it seems to be a long time ago. The feeling of working hard for one thing with no distraction, it seems that I haven’t experienced it for a long time.

Looking back on my learning career over the past ten years, it seems that I “follow the flow” like this. I am like a drop of water into the sea. A trove of living beings, and finally everyone was stunned.

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Everyone must have a giant who realizes his ideals

A lot of times I’m thinking, if I chose what I liked at the beginning and learned my favorite major, would life be different now?


p data-track=”20″>They all say that”interest is the best teacher”. Some parents have understood this principle very early, and they don’t hesitate to spend a lot of money to send their children to cram schools, noble schools, just for Cultivate their hobbies and feel a different atmosphere. However, I believe that most of the parents are”Chinese-style parents” like my parents, who emphasize cultural studies and academics. In their eyes, others are”not doing their jobs properly.” Children born under different education models have top-notch students, but I have to admit that the former seems to be more popular in society.

If there must be one special skill, I can proudly say that it is painting. When I was a child, I was a publicity committee member in my class, responsible for blackboard newspapers, participated in drawing contests, and won special prizes… In my free time, I like to copy characters from comic magazines, and occasionally attract the admiration of my classmates. I do have talent in drawing, so I have a dream of becoming a cartoonist. But can this be my main business at that time? Obviously it is impossible. My family’s conditions are average, and my parents don’t spend thousands on things that they think are”not doing business properly.”

So I quickly got the answer to the previous question:there is no necessary conditional guarantee, there are too many uncertainties and unknowns on this road, maybe I will succeed It is not always necessary to give up before.

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Be brave to find your own happiness

To realize the conditions and confidence to love is to create by yourself. If you don’t have the confidence to talk about love, you have to pay a certain price. The law of conservation of energyThe same applies here. Of course there are people who sit back and reap the benefits, but none of us are lucky for things like pie from the sky.

So, if you’re confused, it’s better to do the present thing first, and use your spare time and energy to talk about love.

I quickly replied to Little A and agreed to her invitation to prepare for the exam together. Sometimes, following a motivated friend, you can also gain a lot of things.

As long as you love, then create conditions, nothing is impossible, you are the protagonist of your life.

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Applause for every dream catcher

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