Lu Yunxiu: Everything about riding the wind and the waves

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(Tokyo Olympics) Lu Yunxiu: Everything about riding the wind and waves

China News Service, Tokyo, July 31, title: Lu Yunxiu: Everything about riding the wind and waves

July 31, Japan On the Enoshima coast of Kanagawa, Lu Yunxiu, who was born in 1996, won the Olympic gold medal he dreamed of in layers of blue waves. For a long time, everything about riding the wind and waves is the core of this Fujian girl’s life.

Although Yin Jian won the first gold medal in the Olympic history of China’s sailing event in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, women’s windsurfing RS:X is still an unpopular sport in China. Before the laurel crown was crowned today, the name Lu Yunxiu was still unfamiliar to most people.

Lu Yunxiu: Everything about riding the wind and the waves


p > On July 31, Beijing time, in the Tokyo Olympic Women’s Windsurfing RS: X Medal Competition, Chinese athlete Lu Yunxiu performed well and won the gold medal in the event. This is also the 20th gold medal of the Chinese delegation in this Olympic Games. The picture shows Lu Yunxiu in the game. Photo by China News Agency reporter Tomita

In the year Yin Jian picked up gold, 12-year-old Lu Yunxiu started her windsurfing career. Lu Yunxiu was born in a rural family with many children. She was initially selected to practice track and field. After changing windsurfing by accident, her fate with the waves opened up.

Sports talent and the ability to endure hardships and not admit defeat are the reasons why Enlightenment coaches are optimistic about Lu Yunxiu. Even the resilient Lu Yunxiu also felt that windsurfing training was too hard at the beginning. This is what people have impressions The beautiful sports with sea, sails, and long winds are backed by endless physical training, long-distance running, sailing… Lu Yunxiu admitted frankly that she persisted in the past by relying on her unyielding character.

“Persistence is the light at the end of the dark tunnel.” A few years later, Lu Yunxiu found that she had truly fallen in love with the freedom to ride the wind and waves.

After emerging from a series of youth competitions, in 2013, the 17-year-old Lu Yunxiu became a member of the Chinese national windsurfing team. In 2019, Lu Yunxiu broke out in an all-round way. He was the champion of the Miami Sailing World Cup in the United States, the champion of the Enoshima Station of the International Sailing World Cup in Japan, and the 2019 Windsurfing World Championships won.

Just as Lu Yunxiu, who was in the limelight, was gearing up to ride the waves in the Olympics, news came that the Tokyo Olympics was postponed. In the inescapable pressure and depression, the girl who refused to admit defeat once again convinced herself, “The goal is there. This has not changed. I have to move towards it. In one more year, I can further improve myself. .”

From winter to summer, Lu Yunxiu continued to ride the wind and waves during this year. In contact with the sea, she became more and more indifferent and determined, and she practiced smoothly. She would say, “Yes. That’s how it came down.” When she encountered technical or physical problems, she smiled and told herself, “If you fall, you will always fall.”

“There will always be only one champion. You should strengthen your confidence and then do it well.” In Lu Yunxiu’s view, the athlete’s highest ideal is the Olympics. Keep your best condition. Lu Yunxiu Finally came to Tokyo, “I have worked hard for so long, and my goal is clear and I won the gold medal.” Ranked first with 30 points, thus entering the medal round competition.

Behind the days of riding the wind and waves, there is unchanging determination and love. On the 29th, Lu Yunxiu wrote on Weibo, “Every game is crucial! Go all out! I hope there will be no regrets during the Olympic trip. !”

On July 31, Beijing time, Lu Yunxiu set sail again. On this day of “good wind and good waves”, she finally met her dream.

Women’s windsurfing RS:X gold medal, the 20th gold medal of the Chinese Olympic delegation this time, the name Lu Yunxiu became familiar to the Chinese people in almost a few minutes. On that day, the champion who crossed the finish line jumped into the water excitedly. After that, Lu Yun Xiuping lay on his windsurfing board and chose to be alone for a while.

After reaching the ideal, Lu Yunxiu appeared to be calmer and calmer. She was interviewed by the media, and she bluntly said, “The difficulty in the game is not only the hard work of sailing, but also whether it can be done every time in the process. Believe in myself, this is the most important.”

For this moment of winning the gold, she said that it confirmed that the previous efforts were rewarded, “It proves that our team, all of us’s efforts are not wrong, this is the most precious for us. ”

Today, Lu Yunxiu has become the “real sister who rides the wind and waves” in the eyes of netizens. For the continuous “riding the wind and waves” over the years, Lu Yunxiu has always had his own understanding, “Windsurfing is a magical project. On the sea, you never know where the wind will go in the next second. You are the only one who controls the direction.” (End)