Military drama classic “Soldiers·Country Events” staged to welcome the Army Day

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China News Service, Beijing, July 29th (Reporter Ying Ni) The classic military drama “Soldiers: Events of the Country” premiered on the 28th in the theater of the National Repertory Theatre. The play was selected in 2020 to “Celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the Communist Party” “The Stage Art Quality Creation Project”-the “Hundred Years and Hundred Years” traditional boutique re-arrangement plan, is also the only contemporary military theme work in the plan.

Military drama classic “Soldiers·Country Events” staged to welcome the Army Day

The drama “Soldiers: National Events” is a realistic military drama created by the Repertory Troupe of the former General Political Department of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army in 2013. Through three exercises, it showcases the changing Chinese army and national integrity. The screenwriters Wang Hong, Li Baoqun, and Xiao Li jointly expressed that they want to use this play to show everyone a group of real Chinese soldiers. A hurricane force that “can fight and win wars” is gradually becoming stronger and into the future.

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The whole play opens with a shocking military exercise. Against the backdrop of the iron turntable and bright red lights, the director Gong Xiaodong and the current rehearsal director Ji Ruixing portrayed an iron-and-blooded road of military training and combat for the audience. Xiaodong believes, “This play has written a group of’fools’ who sacrificed their lives for their careers and their pursuits, but they did not choose to agree to compromise. This is the backbone of the Chinese soldiers.”

This time the rehearsal design still uses the original plan, with Sun Dongfeng, Yang Shengli, Xing Yu as the lead, lighting chief design Xing Xin, simple and clean abstract light and shadow, frequent use of heavy metal music elements, strengthened the military exercise training The majestic and majestic scenes are arranged and created, like a steel knife piercing the sky, immediately bringing the audience into the world of soldiers.

“The people of the whole country are looking at us to see if we have the courage to break the arm of a strong man, dare to use the thunderous spirit of the body to break a bloody road”! In the play, a picture of contemporary military figures is unfolded. In the face of national interests and the great cause of the nation, they did not hesitate to abandon their “selfishness” and charged forward without hesitation.

Liu Dawei plays Yang Tianfang, a military commander who has returned from studying abroad. He inherited the spirit of “rolling thunder”, dared to speak the truth, face up to the stubborn illnesses in army building, whether he adhered to the original plan or was suspended due to personnel sacrifices Changing the plan cruelly tested the character’s will and determination.

Chen Qiang, a national first-class actor of the National Theatre of China, performed the style of a generation of generals on stage. Chu Yulin, who played by him, has the spirit of reform and vision, not only Yang Tianfang’s Bole, but also Yu Heng in the play. The strong father-son relationship between playing Chu Xiaohu pushed the whole drama to a climax.

Cui Kai, Li Bing, and Wu Weidong, outstanding young actors of the National Theater of China, also performed wonderfully this time. Zhao Yunfei, played by Cui Kai, is like a mirror placed opposite Yang Tianfang, showing two military concepts and attitudes towards life, which is thought-provoking. The sister-in-law played by Li Bing sticks to the Populus grove with her love for the hero Hai Peng in the play. Although Zhong Shicheng, played by Wu Weidong, has changed his career, he still cannot forget his military complex and responsibility.

There were many “drama fans” of “Soldiers·Country Events” at the premiere. After waiting for many years, I finally saw the show staged again, and I was extremely excited. Ms. Guo said, “I loved this play many years ago. I saw it again after many years. I was very excited. Although the lineup of the lead cast was changed, it still brought moving and shock, and paid tribute to the Chinese military and the creative team.”</ p>

In the rehearsal of real guns and live ammunition, Wang David, Wu Genghua, Gao Ang, Yin Shixian, Li Yiran, Guan Tianpei, Lin Zexu, Seng Gelinqin, Ding Ruchang, Deng Shichang and other modern Chinese historical figures appeared on the stage one after another. Last, the ancient and modern confrontation expressed the feelings of a strong man who vowed to defend his country to the death. This scene touched many audiences.

A veteran audience said: “It is different from the drama I imagined. It does not blindly sing praises. Instead, it confronts some of the problems of our troops directly from the perspective of reflection, and it is ours. The spirit and courage required to achieve the goal of a strong army touched me a lot.”

China National Theater Director Tian Qinxin said that the National Theater Theater took over the banner of military drama this time. The new starring lineup injected fresh blood into the classic works. In the re-run of the play, the spirit of the new era was incorporated on the basis of “keeping the integrity”, and bold innovations were made to attract more young people to enter the theater. “On the occasion of the founding of the army, the red spirit is continued to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China.

It is reported that the play will be staged in the National Theater Theater until August 1 as a repertoire of the “Red Performance Season” of the National Theater of China. (End)