North America encounters high temperature purgatory: Canada’s highest temperature approaches 50 ℃, death toll soars

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China News Service, July 1st. According to a comprehensive report, Western Canada and the Northwestern United States have recently encountered purgatory-like high-temperature disasters due to the rare “high-temperature dome” phenomenon. British Columbia, Canada, broke the national highest temperature record for three consecutive days in a week, and at least 486 deaths were reported within five days. Experts predict that with the global warming, extreme high temperatures may become more frequent in the future, and the duration will be longer.

North America encounters high temperature purgatory: Canada’s highest temperature approaches 50 ℃, death toll soars

On June 28, local time, in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada, people went to Aluete Lake to cool off.

At least 486 people died in five days

This week, the town of Litton in central British Columbia, Canada, broke the country’s highest temperature record three times in history. According to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the highest temperature in the area reached a record 49.6 degrees Celsius on June 29. In the previous two days, the highest temperature in the area has broken the record for two consecutive days. The highest temperature on the 27th was 46.6 degrees Celsius, and the highest temperature on the 28th was 47.9 degrees Celsius.

According to reports, due to the milder summer temperatures in British Columbia in previous years, many households did not install air conditioners.

In addition, the British Columbia Coroner Service said on the 30th that the province had reported at least 486 sudden deaths within five days, almost three times the average death toll in the province during the same period. The police spokesperson described that he had never seen such a situation before, and rescuers were exhausted.

British Columbia’s Chief Coroner Lapointe pointed out that the number of deaths has increased significantly since the temperature rises, which is suspected to be related to extreme high temperatures. She warned that prolonged exposure to high temperatures may lead to serious consequences. The elderly, infants, and people with long-term illnesses are at high risk.

Environment Canada has issued high temperature warnings to British Columbia, Alberta, parts of Saskatchewan, Manitoba and the Northwest Territories in recent days.

In the United States, which was also hit by high temperatures, 12 million people in the northwest were on high temperature warnings, and at least a dozen people died of heat waves. Thousands of people in Washington and Oregon sought medical treatment urgently. A passerby was injured by third-degree burns while walking on the asphalt road.

North America encounters high temperature purgatory: Canada’s highest temperature approaches 50 ℃, death toll soars(1)


p > On June 27, 2021, local time, many cities in the northwestern United States encountered the highest record high temperature in history. Portland, Oregon reported a record high temperature of 43°C.

The United States relaxes anti-epidemic measures to cool off the summer heat

In addition to threatening human health, high temperature also affects infrastructure. Streetcars in Portland, the capital of Oregon, USA, were damaged due to the melting of electric wires under high temperature The operation was suspended, and some local roads were cracked due to expansion, and even the plastic wall panels of the houses were deformed. The large increase in power demand has made the power supply system difficult to load, and large-scale blackouts have occurred in many states.

In the face of the extremely hot weather, governments and people everywhere have adopted various methods to deal with it. The government of British Columbia in Canada recommended that all outdoor sports competitions be suspended and ordered the closure of schools and vaccination centers. The cold drinks, ice cream and even ice cubes in the local supermarket are out of stock. The British Columbia Hotel Association stated that business in the industry is bleak under the epidemic, but as people rush to book air-conditioned rooms to escape the heat, hotels are “hard to find” recently.

Oregon temporarily relaxed the new crown restrictions, set up special “heat-relief centers” in air-conditioned places such as gymnasiums and libraries, and temporarily lifted capacity restrictions on public swimming pools.

However, according to foreign media reports, local people seem to have completely forgotten epidemic prevention. Most of the people on beaches, swimming pools, and parks who cool off in summer do not wear masks or maintain social distancing, which may give the virus. Create opportunities for further dissemination.

The meteorological department predicts that this round of extreme high temperatures in North America may continue for another week. Experts believe that the “heat dome” (heat dome) is one of the culprits of the heat wave. “High-temperature dome” refers to the stagnation of hot air pressure over an area, which covers the hot air like a dome or lid to make it difficult to disperse, making the ground temperature continue to rise, and it is difficult to cool down even at night.

Canada’s senior climate scientist on environment and climate change, David Phillips, said that the “high temperature dome” is a weather phenomenon that traps heat and prevents other weather systems from entering. It gradually weakened as it moved eastward, but it was still enough to set a record from Alberta to Manitoba.

Phillips said that it is not yet clear what caused the “high temperature dome”, but given the duration and extreme conditions of the heat wave, climate change seems to be a contributing factor.

When Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau delivered a speech in Ottawa on the 30th, he remembered the dead and expressed concern about the fire threat. He said: “In the past few years, we have seen more and more such extreme weather events.” “In fact, we know that this heat wave will not be the last.”

U.S. President Biden It also stated that climate change is promoting the “dangerous fusion of extreme heat and long-term drought,” and warned that the United States is lagging behind in preparing for this year’s forest fires.