Olympic champion Shi Zhiyong: More pressure than five years ago, the goal is to win gold again

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(Tokyo Olympics) Olympic champion Shi Zhiyong: More pressure than five years ago, the goal is to win gold again

China News Service, Tokyo, July 22 (Bian Liqun) Beijing time on 22nd, China The weightlifting team came to the competition venue Tokyo International Convention Center for pre-match training. Rio Olympic champion Shi Zhiyong said in an interview that the goal of this Olympics is still to hit the gold medal.

As the traditional advantage of the Chinese Legion, the Chinese weightlifting team’s Olympic honor book can be described as golden. Since participating in the Los Angeles Olympics in 1984, Chinese weightlifting has won 31 gold, 15 silver and 8 bronze in the Olympic Games.

Olympic champion Shi Zhiyong: More pressure than five years ago, the goal is to win gold again

Five years ago About the Olympic Games, the Chinese weightlifting team won 5 gold and 2 silver. Among the 42 world records in 14 levels of weightlifting in the Tokyo Olympics, Chinese weightlifters have 24 of them. Therefore, this king’s division has attracted much attention from the outside world.

The Chinese weightlifting team previously arrived in Tokyo on the afternoon of the 19th, Beijing time. Due to the necessary entry procedures such as nucleic acid testing, it was already night before arriving at the Olympic Village. On the evening of the second day after arriving in Tokyo, the Chinese weightlifting team started their first training.

On the afternoon of the 22nd, Beijing time, it was the third pre-match training of the Chinese weightlifting team at the Tokyo International Convention Center, the venue. Shi Zhiyong, Wang Zhouyu, Li Wenwen, and Hou Zhihui all appeared.

After the training, Shi Zhiyong accepted an interview with reporters. He said that the trip to Tokyo was a bit tiring. It took more than 10 hours in total. The first training session was a bit tired, but the two days have been slow. Slowly adapt, trying to adjust the state.

As the men’s 69 kg champion of the Rio Olympics, Shi Zhiyong admitted that this Olympics is under more pressure than five years ago, because the attention has become higher, and the previous competition results are also invisible pressure.

However, Shi Zhiyong said that the goal this time is to hit the gold medal. As for whether he can break the world record, it depends on the state of the game.

For the Tokyo International Convention Center, Shi Zhiyong and his teammates are not unfamiliar. In 2019, the Chinese weightlifting team had a test match here.

But two years have passed, and there are many differences under the epidemic. For example, during the Tokyo Olympic Games, epidemic prevention has become the top priority of each team.

The reporter noticed that when entering and leaving the training venues, the staff of the Chinese weightlifting team sprayed disinfectant on the door handles before opening the door. The equipment was also carefully disinfected before the training.

“Pandemic prevention is our normal preparation for war. This is the case in China. For example, we wear masks habitually, and we will habitually disinfect them before entering the room, before eating, and before training.” Shi Zhiyong said.

On July 24th, Beijing time, on the first match day after the opening of the Tokyo Olympics, the Chinese weightlifting team will debut. Hou Zhihui will attack the gold medal in the women’s 49 kg competition. (End)