Prose:After middle age, I gradually understand…

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Life is a continuous landscape. Life walks in it and feels in it. It is both a practitioner and a practitioner.

Everyone knows that this is a trip without a return journey. Everyone experiences, encounters, and experiences life on the way, everyone is in the wind and rain Run, unconsciously blend into the scenery along the way.

Seasonal flowers bloom on the road. There are many times when we pass by the beauty and forget to appreciate it. When we look back, we lament that time goes too fast.

Wandering on the rivers of the years, staring at the shore of life, if time flows through life, will there be a few beautiful waves? Blossoms are beautiful and cheerful; the flowering period is like a dream. In the most beautiful season, when you meet the most beautiful scenery, there will be unspeakable happiness in your heart. However, there are many times when life is like a dream. A sigh.

It is said that there are no traces of time, but the traces of life, the traces of life are like ink on plain paper, no matter how time passes, time will still stay Under traces.

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Looking back through the years, on the branches of time, on the shore of the years, clear dew accompanies the past, the fragrance of the flowers hides the past, those who once quietly made their heartache or sadness, some experience interpretation It becomes a story. After some time is still flowing deep, it merges into the sea, bit by bit, recording the interweaving of life and soul, and finally all for an old landscape.

Use life to feel the warmth and coldness of the world, and life should outline the time picture. The winding road of life is full of scenery, and everywhere is warm and cold.

When life is walking, I dare not slack in the slightest. I feel and feel it. In the years and deep in my heart, I always feel that the walk of life is in a dream, and it is prosperous. Go, thousands of sails are exhausted, the dust settles, all chasing dreams, returning to silence, listening to the truest voice of life.

In fact, everyone’s scenery will change after they walk through, everyone will feel a little bit after experiencing pain, everyone will cry and laugh. Knowing that this is the taste of life, who can really grasp what?

After middle age, I gradually understand that in this world, nothing can be easily owned, nothing can be forever, and everything you can do is only temporarily save.

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It is said that one flower has one world, and one leaf has one bodhi. How do we live our lives, chase dreams and scenery, chase a past, follow the wind like smoke, but also let us lost in the journey of life, the past possessions and current pursuits, are still tossing in the red dust.

Sometimes, we also know that mountains are not water stories, and clouds are not wind stories. However, there is always a dream of life in my heart, waiting to be realized by myself.

Life is like a dream. I’m afraid that when the dream wakes up, people will grow old and lose their fighting spirit. Perhaps, after middle age, I have been tired of dealing with this blooming world. In the materialistic flow, let myself drift with the flow, guarding my inner peace, and looking for the peace of life, in a tranquil landscape, in full bloom. Feeling calm.

I am used to seeing things right and wrong, and knowing how to converge, disperse, and disengage.

Life is originally a landscape of vicissitudes of life, impermanent and plain. Later, when I look back on the past, I will feel the state of the world is cold and my heart is full of bitterness.

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After middle age, it feels more practical to live in the present. As for those dreams, they can be temporarily stranded in a cup of fragrant tea, and those things that can’t be done and yearned for will return to the landscape, which is a little troublesome. , Leave it to let the flow go to digest, some can’t think of melting in enjoying the sun.

Lu Ji said in”Wen Fu”:”Stones are jade and mountains are radiant, and waters are beautiful with pearls and rivers.” Meaning:The reason why a person can be infinitely attractive is not because of how beautiful he looks, but because of a perfect soul living in his body.

So, after middle age, it’s best to let yourself not be happy with things and sad for yourself. Sometimes you can give yourself a space of pure soul and give yourself One creates a spiritually warm paradise.

As Zen Master Hui Kai said:”There are flowers in spring and moon in autumn, cool breeze in summer and snow in winter. It’s a good time.”

This is a kind of freedom that desires freedom in the heart, and it has a comforting effect on life. In many moments, if you choose to put it down properly, and comfort yourself with your inner yearning, there is not so much nosy to worry about.

After middle age, I gradually understand that simple simplicity makes the rest of my life safe. At this age, should we wear simple and clean clothes and do things that make ourselves happy?

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Maybe it is, maybe it is not. Individuals have their own opinions and have their own ways to live. However, what you see in reverse, you can’t see it, what you like, and what you don’t like, does not mean it has What’s wrong, it’s just liking, just to make yourself happy.

After middle age, I gradually understand that years are a song, and we are the singers. Whether to sing the youth or the sad youth, whether it is beautiful and melodious, or whispering. Singing, as long as it follows your mood, it is a good song.

After middle age, I gradually understood that life is just a pot of wine. Anyone who drinks it will be drunk, and when he is drunk, he is also drunk and sad.

After middle age, I gradually understand that life is a cup of tea, a windless day, a book, a cup of tea, and a few rays of sunshine. This is the grace and strength of life. , Beautiful with the vicissitudes of life, full of indifferent, resisting the coldness of life.

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After middle age, I gradually learned to cherish possessions, choose to treasure or forget in gains and losses, let life walk in nature, and make the mood as calm as water.

After middle age, I gradually understood,”People have joys and sorrows, and the moon has cloudy and sunny. This matter is hard to come by. I hope that people will be long and thousands of miles away. Gong Chanjuan.” The meaning of this poem is that life is short, no matter if the moon is full or missing, a bit of dreams, a bit of hobbies, a refreshing breeze, and occasionally make oneself innocent.

After middle age, I gradually learned how to be relieved, let go, thank life with gentleness, and thank myself with a smile. It is also because of years of company and life experience that let us understand the depth of life and the beauty of life.

After middle age, because I understand, I am compassionate, add an indifferent heart, hold a handful of the light of the years, and hold a life understanding, Book One Pen Qingyuan’s dreams, filled with light and tranquil scenery, let one have the best time in understanding, the world is stable, and the smile is warm.

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