Prose:What is happiness after middle age

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Happiness is happiness, satisfaction, Is everything going well, is everything you want to happen?

Perhaps, this is just a wish, just a gorgeous dream of a person. Perhaps the dream will come true, and perhaps the hope will be shattered.

If this is not happiness, then what is happiness?

People seem to have their own unique insights into happiness in middle age.

Some people say:being alone is happiness, and doing what you like alone , In a quiet time, cherish yourself and feel the joy of life.

Perhaps, all you have is a personal pleasure, and there is still Some distance. Qinghuan can live a full life, but not every day, perhaps, a bit of a wasteful feeling.

Some people say:I have my own house, a car, and a warm The family, the whole family are safe, and I am healthy, and my life is comfortable and stable.

Can you get what you want? This is a kind of imaginary happiness, and only if it is not demanding, can it be truly happiness.

When people reach middle age, happiness cannot be forced, just let the flow take its course, happiness is like It is the flower outside the window that can bloom leisurely under suitable conditions.

As for what kind of time do you like? You might as well mix it in your daily life. When you need it, you can enjoy it naturally, and happiness will come!


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01. The happiness of middle-aged people lies in a kind of perception.

Carnegie said:”Remember, happiness is not It depends on who you are or what you have. It only depends on what you think.”

Summer summer, or leaning on the window to listen to the rain, quietly listening, empty yourself, and hear the taste of life; or, in a quiet room, savoring tea alone, savoring the breeze and flowing water, there is a scent in the fragrant breeze The gurgling, there is coolness in the gurgling, and the years go by, the story of the mood circulating.

Perhaps, such a joyous moment is a kind of perception, perceiving the cycle of four seasons, touching The joy of life, in the quiet smiles of the years, meet for a quiet journey, make the body and mind happy, and wait for happiness to come in perception.

Occasionally perceiving the world with mood and state of mind is the peaceful beauty of middle-aged people, such as tea, Fragrant, pretending to be the beauty of life.

Weaving the joy of life into the beauty of life is a unique landscape for middle-aged people. There is the quietness under the moonlight, the faint thoughts of rain hitting bananas and listening to the rain through the window. A cup of tea is shining and a rain window is bright, and a calm mood like water does not make life bright, but it is clear enough for life.


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02. Middle-aged people’s happiness lies in a state of mind.

Leo Tolstoy said:”In order to To live happily, we should believe in the possibility of happiness.”

Peace of mind, If the breeze falls on the flower, the clear dew is on the petals, the crystal clear reveals the appearance of the world, can condense the beauty on life, in the sun, perhaps this beauty will disappear, so what?

Follow nature, flowers bloom in delightful colors, and wind wanders in the clear sky , Dew planted happiness in the flower, and joyously produced a colorful and short life.

This is a kind of happiness, but also a kind of beauty. Because of the peace of mind, the posture is seductive , Just like Li Bai’s poem:“Clouds want clothes and flowers, but spring breeze blows the threshold to reveal Huanong”, it is naturally the beauty of life.

Nourish beauty, nourish the mind, nourish the mentality, smile when things happen, and when you are happy, With a smile, you can’t overwhelm the country, but happiness is already on the way.

This kind of happiness will knock on the door only after middle age. Amidst the vicissitudes of vicissitudes of life in the world, we retreat in the corner of the world, without the wind and moon, without the powder and daisies, like the lotus on the water, living in a refined and elegant life, I want to be the beauty of life, and it is also life. Full of happiness.

Happy people are beautiful, and there are all kinds of beauty. This is a kind of beauty. That is also a kind of beauty, in any case, the kind of peace, calmness, and calmness revealed in the bones of middle-aged people.

Even if there is no annual ring delineation, the twilight is in the morning, and the years are washed away, even if the face is old, Yi will be indifferent and beautiful, because he knows beauty, so he is also happy!


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03. The happiness of middle-aged people lies in the discovery in the ordinary.

Democritus said:“The reason why humans feel The reason for happiness is not good health or wealth; the feeling of happiness is due to the sincere heart and abundant wisdom.”

I used to walk alone in the dark night, I used to run in the daylight shrouded in dark clouds, letting fall leaves to be swept away in autumn, the red was covered by winter snow, and the color of the years gradually paled in the middle-aged man’s life.

Middle-aged people know most about the ups and downs in life, and also know the mixed flavors It is the true temperament and the desired happiness that has been secretly fermenting in my heart.

If you have a heart, you will discover with a heart that has never been old, when occasionally something subtle Beauty touches your heart, changes your life pattern, and thus, also rewrites your attitude towards happiness.

Some things are just so magical. After middle age, happiness is not just material It’s that simple, and there are always some unintelligible needs, which inadvertently changed the definition of happiness.

In these days of impermanence and change, I’m tired of using money for everything The measurement seems to be a bit less sincere. But, the world is like this, who can do it?

I just ask myself to be a good person, emotionally and from subtleties to discover warm things , Don’t let yourself down, be able to warm your life, love everything, find beauty, and always believe that happiness is, after all, a kind of affectionate beauty.

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04. The happiness of middle-aged people lies in acceptance.

People say:”Imperfection is life.” Yes! Life is like chess, and life is unsatisfactory.

Mr. Itabashi said”It’s rare to be confused.” Relationship, dialectically speaks out what a happy life is.

After middle age, I most understand the meaning of this sentence, when Understand, when will I feel happy back.

Accept the reality, cherish what has been, cherish the present, accept the present life, this is happiness situation.

As long as you are willing to accept things around you and live in peace, life’s impermanence is like a flower. Open when you need to open, and thank when you need to. After middle age, smile often, let it go when it is time to let go, contentment is also a kind of happy beauty.

Spring flowers, summer wind, autumn leaves, winter snow, these are The dream of life is also the story of happiness.

I always believe that happiness is not far away, with your joy, and Your favorite scenery has your reluctant feelings and your true feelings…In any case, they will add a beautiful color to your happiness in life.


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Time flies, I don’t realize that half a year has passed, but our life is still trivial, even so, each of us is still in the fine and ordinary, trying to make ourselves happiness.

No matter what your current situation is, please believe that the sun will always be seen after the wind and rain. Rainbow.

Although the sky of life cannot always be clear, but you can understand the true meaning of happiness. The sky in my heart is still clear and blue.

Days overlap, seasons repeat, life is scattered, in the clouds, Going back to the basics, suddenly realized that simplicity is also a kind of happiness.

Bing Xin said:”I am a mortal, and I only seek the happiness of mortals. ”

Therefore, we are all ordinary people. For happiness, we have little Beautiful, there is little happiness. Happiness is like a flower on the roadside. It is always there, and it is always so beautiful. You only need to touch it with your heart, understand it, understand it, and cherish it, and you can have it.

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