Sun Yingsha swept Mima Ito, China National Table Tennis Championships, women’s singles champion and runner-up

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(Tokyo Olympics) Sun Yingsha swept Mima Ito’s national table tennis team to take the women’s singles championship and runner-up.

China News Service, Tokyo, July 29th (Reporter Yue Chuan) Tokyo Olympic Games table tennis women’s singles semi-finals in local time On the 29th. Chinese players Chen Meng and Sun Yingsha defeated their opponents respectively, successfully joined the finals, and locked the gold medal for the Chinese sports delegation in advance. Among them, Sun Yingsha eliminated Japanese star Mima Ito, who had previously won the Olympic mixed doubles championship.

Sun Yingsha swept Mima Ito, China National Table Tennis Championships, women’s singles champion and runner-up


p >On July 29, local time, in the women’s singles semifinals of the Tokyo Olympic Games, Chinese player Sun Yingsha easily defeated Japanese player Mima Ito 4-0 and successfully advanced to the final. Prior to this, another Chinese player Chen Meng had entered the final, and the Chinese team had secured the Olympic table tennis women’s singles gold medal in advance. Photo by China News Agency reporter Du Yang

Sun Yingsha is the second seed of women’s singles in this Olympics. She has only lost one game in the first four games and is in good shape. The Japanese star Mima Ito is in full swing, and her partner Mizutani Hayabusa has won the mixed doubles gold medal.

Although Sun Yingsha played against Mima Ito in the Olympics for the first time, the two have played against each other many times in various world competitions. Players.

After losing the mixed doubles gold medal, the national table tennis team is determined to win the women’s singles champion, and Mima Ito is still the biggest opponent. After winning the mixed doubles championship, Japanese fans placed more expectations on Mima Ito’s performance in singles, and a large number of Japanese media gathered on the scene.

Despite having an advantage in the recent confrontation record, Sun Yingsha said before the game that against Mima Ito, he will still focus on fighting to attack the opponent. In the game, she implemented this idea and played proactively. In the first game, Mima Ito made many mistakes, and Sun Yingsha quickly entered the state, and soon went ahead with 11:3.

In the second game, Mima Ito stepped up his active offense, and Sun Yingsha was disrupted in rhythm and fell behind 0:5. Then she strengthened the containment of Mima Ito’s backhand, chasing the score to 7:9, Mima Ito requested a timeout. After the 9:9 tie, Sun Yingsha decisively took the serve to catch the ball when dealing with the key points, and then took the initiative to score the forehand on the inning point, and scored another victory with 11:9.

In the early part of the third game, the two scored tightly, but Mima Ito suddenly “cut off” later, and Yingsha Sun repeatedly scored offensively, expanding the total score to 3:0 by 11:6. In the fourth round, Sun Yingsha played more and more smoothly and won by 11:4, thus defeating the opponent with a total score of 4:0 and entered the final.

So far, the four Japanese players who participated in the Olympic table tennis singles Zhang Bentomo, Niwa Takaki, Ishikawa Yoshizumi and Ito Mima have all been eliminated and no one has entered the finals.

After losing the game, Mima Ito left without staying in the mixed interview area for too long, still looking emotionally depressed. In Sun Yingsha’s view, Mima Ito is very good because she is now an Olympic champion. “We have played against each other in the three major tournaments. Regardless of whether we win or lose, I enjoy the game and have fun on the court.”

“We are about the same age, can arouse each other’s fighting spirit, and are very eager to win. After the second match, she has something to improve, and I also have something to strengthen.” Sun Yingsha said that the key point of this game was in the second game. When she fell behind, she didn’t give up and came back one by one.

As for the progress of the game, the head coach of the National Table Tennis Women’s Team, Li Yan, said frankly that he was beyond imagination. It’s all this ball.” Li Sun also praised Sun Yingsha’s performance. He believed that the champion must have been played by himself.

Sun Yingsha also breathed a sigh of relief after guarding the half area where she was. She said that she will release herself as much as possible and enjoy the finals.

Chen Meng, who was in the final with Sun Yingsha, defeated the Singaporean with a total score of 4:0 in the other semi-finals of the day at 11:6, 11:8, 11:7, 11:6. Yu Mengyu helped National Ping Pong win the women’s singles championship and runner-up in advance. Throughout the competition, Chen Meng completely dominated the trend of the game and won more easily.

According to the schedule, the women’s singles final of the Tokyo Olympic Games will be held on the evening of the 29th local time. (End)