Ten directors donated millions to support outstanding Chinese films in Pingyao Film Festival

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China News Service, July 15th. According to the official news of the Pingyao International Film Festival, in order to convey the spirit of film and promote the growth of young filmmakers, ten Chinese directors Cheng Er, Chen Sicheng, Diao Yinan, Feng Xiaogang, Guan Hu, Jia Zhangke, Lou Ye, Ning Hao, Wang Xiaoshuai and Zhang Yibai (in alphabetical order of their names) will jointly donate RMB 1 million to select an outstanding Chinese film from the shortlisted works in the “Hidden Dragon” unit of the Fifth Pingyao Film Festival. Funding to help and support outstanding Chinese newcomers and new works.

Ten directors donated millions to support outstanding Chinese films in Pingyao Film Festival

As Pingyao International Film Festival One of the official screening units, the “Hidden Dragon” unit shows the debut or the second and third film works of the new Chinese director. It is committed to discovering and actively promoting the outstanding works of the new film director and providing a platform for these films. Among the shortlisted films of the “Hidden Dragon” section of the Fifth Pingyao International Film Festival, an outstanding work will receive a funding of 1 million yuan jointly supported by the above ten Chinese directors, and the funds will be used for the Chinese release of the film and the next film director. The development of a film production.

The “hidden dragon” unit of the previous four Pingyao International Film Festivals has successively discovered and encouraged “Carnival”, “Big World”, “Passing Spring”, “Passing Zhaoguan”, “Tropical Rain” and “Under the Sun”. Excellent Chinese films such as “Summer in Hannan” and “Wild Horse’s Mane” and many emerging directors such as Wen Yan, Liu Jian, Bai Xue, Huo Meng, Chen Zheyi, Liang Ming, Li Dongmei, Wang Jing, Han Shuai, etc.; in addition, Wen Qi, Feng Wenjuan, Actors such as Yang Taiyi, Huang Yao, Wang Xuebing, Yang Yanyan, Zhou You, Liu Yase also started from the Pingyao International Film Festival and attracted much attention from inside and outside the industry.

The Fifth Pingyao International Film Festival will be held from October 12th to 19th at the Pingyao Movie Palace in the ancient city of Pingyao, Jinzhong, Shanxi.