The German government approves 400 million euros in emergency relief funds

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China News Agency, Berlin, July 21 (Reporter Peng Dawei) The German Federal Cabinet approved an emergency assistance plan on the 21st, which will be jointly funded by the federal and the states with a total of 400 million euros for the country’s recent rare floods. Implementation assistance in different regions.

As of that day, the floods had killed more than 170 people in Germany. The floods caused tremendous damage to the states of North Rhine-Westphalia, Lafia and Bavaria in the south of Germany.

The German government approves 400 million euros in emergency relief funds


p > In Bischofsweisen, Germany, the heavy rains over the past few days have turned ordinary small rivers and streets into turbulent torrents.

According to the plan approved by the German Federal Cabinet on the same day, the German Federal Government and the relevant federal states will each allocate 200 million euros for emergency aid to the disaster areas.

German Interior Minister Seehofer said when introducing the plan in Berlin that day, the first batch of emergency assistance was mainly targeted at those who lost everything in the flood. This money will be used to help people in distress to tide over the difficulties as quickly as possible, while at the same time making up for the damage caused by the floods to local houses, agricultural and forestry production and business operations. In addition, the German government will also apply for assistance from the European Union Solidarity Fund.

The German Federal Government stated on the same day that considering the scope of post-disaster repair and reconstruction, the affected states are expected to undertake a huge workload in the next few months to several years. Past experience has shown that the relevant reconstruction work may cost billions of euros, and the German Federal Government will provide financial support to the states for this.

German Finance Minister Schultz said on the same day that the reconstruction of hospitals, schools and infrastructure in the disaster-stricken areas will soon begin. (End)