“The Glory of the Chef” broadcasts 32 chefs staged a culinary battle

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China News Service, July 28. The professional chef’s competitive reality show “The Glory of the Chef” was broadcast on iQiyi today. Three top mentors in the catering industry: Cai Hao, founder of “Good Wine, Good Cai” and “Cai Hao Selection”, Dong Zhenxiang, founder of “Da Dong Yijing Cai”, Zhang Yong, founder of “Xin Rong Ji” and “Rong Shu Zhen Xuan” , 32 professional chefs with outstanding culinary skills, as well as the female group THE9 member Kong Xueer and host Shen Ling helped to join.

“The Glory of the Chef” broadcasts 32 chefs staged a culinary battle

“The Glory of the Chef 》As the nation’s first professional chef-competitive reality show, Dong Zhenxiang and Zhang Yong were invited to sit in the tutor seat. The 32 chefs are selected from thousands of chefs across the country. Among them are comedian chefs who can be called “walking Tucao machine”, rap chefs who want to be a rapper, and painters who call themselves Impressionists. The chef, as well as the tough guy chef with his own contrast…

In the show, Kong Xueer couldn’t wait for the tableware to get started directly, and communicated with the host Shen Ling through interactive communication with the tutor and the chef. Increase the fun, functionality and popular science of the program, allowing the audience to understand the stories, humanistic sentiments and cooking skills behind the food in more detail.

The program team stated that it hopes to break the stereotype of the chef. The current “chef” needs not only superb cooking skills, but also comprehensive and multi-dimensional scientific knowledge and theoretical practice, including the understanding of ingredients. , Cooking techniques, market positioning, consumer psychology, etc.

In this episode of the program, 32 chefs and representatives staged a culinary battle, PK through the 1v1 promotion competition. The instructor blindly eats and selects the favorite dishes and signs on the corresponding menu. In the end, the one who got the more tickets from the mentor was promoted, and the other one went to be determined. Judging from the dishes prepared by the chefs in the first episode, the dishes tend to be diversified. It not only shows the fusion of tradition and modernity, but also presents the collision of Chinese and Western styles, which not only brings everyone a bit of enjoyment, but also It also brought a visual impact.

Among them, Mao Xin, a Chinese contestant, brought the creative dish “Sichuan-style Rabbit Roulade” to everyone on the spot, and was unanimously affirmed by the two instructors, and was rated as “the best dish so far” , “It is very rare to use Western technology to interpret Chinese cuisine and let more foreigners know the expression of Chinese cuisine.”