The “Hundred Schools Get Well” Exchange Meeting Held in Lanzhou, Principals at Home and Abroad Explore the Development of International Education

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Chinanews.com, Lanzhou, July 21 (Yan Jiao) “This event will share the beneficial models and successful experiences of international cooperation and exchanges in the field of basic education, and jointly describe the beauty of sharing high-quality educational resources and expanding students’ international vision. The blueprint has important practical and long-term significance.” said Wang Haiyan, director of the Education Department of Gansu Province.

From the 19th to the 21st, the 2021 “One Belt One Road” International Forum for Primary and Secondary School Principals and the “Hundred Schools Get Well” project school exchange meeting with the theme of “Cohesion and Interaction, Walking Together” will be held on the shore of the “Yellow River” “It was held in Lanzhou and invited well-known primary and secondary school principals from Belarus, Malaysia, New Zealand, Spain, Japan, Hong Kong, and Macau to share their experiences in education internationalization, education informatization, and student and teacher development through offline and online methods.

Zhang Baojun, director of the Foreign Affairs Office of the Gansu Provincial Government, said that the forum is an important event for the Hundred Schools Initiative. The convening of the first forum facilitated the establishment of friendly relations between 16 primary and secondary schools in Gansu and 45 schools abroad. Since last year, in response to the new situation of international education exchanges and cooperation in the post-epidemic era, the “cloud exchange” has been explored and innovated.

The “Hundred Schools Get Well” Exchange Meeting Held in Lanzhou, Principals at Home and Abroad Explore the Development of International Education


p >The picture shows Mark, the principal of Edenfield School in New Zealand, discusses and shares experiences in education internationalization and education informatization through video. Photo courtesy of the High School Attached to Northwest Normal University

The principal of Hong Kong Diocesan College, Zheng Keen, said through a video sharing that in recent years, the school has developed innovation and design new courses, established an innovation laboratory, and provided students with larger experimental machines and High-performance computers to assist them in completing artificial intelligence, robotics and computer-related projects. The course is now being implemented in the first to third grades. The method of implementation is to let students contact the course and walk into the community to understand the needs of the elderly, pregnant women, etc., and then return to school to conduct experiments and design targeted products for them.

Olga, the principal of the Fifth Middle School in Grodno, Belarus, stated online that the school aims to cultivate interdisciplinary talents, creating an educational environment for students to promote their intellectual and creative development, so that every student Opportunity to fully develop. Teachers rationally integrate basic education and social resources in the education process to cultivate students’ key learning abilities.

In recent years, relying on the Silk Road International (Dunhuang) Cultural Fair and platforms such as “Friendly Provinces and Prefectures” and “International Exchange Cities”, Gansu has organized and implemented the “Hundred Schools to Build a Good Connection” project in primary and secondary schools, and held ” The International Forum for Primary and Secondary School Principals of the Belt and Road Initiative adheres to the principle of giving priority to prestigious schools, teachers and sister cities, encouraging and supporting primary and secondary schools in Gansu Province to focus on key points, highlight their characteristics, and actively and pragmatically carry out foreign exchanges and cooperation. Forum seminars, cultural exhibitions, research trips, teachers A series of activities such as student exchange visits, teaching exchanges, sports competitions, and summer (winter) camps have increasingly formed a brand effect, becoming a business card for mutual learning and mutual promotion of Chinese and foreign schools.

It is reported that the event was hosted by the People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries of Gansu Province, the Education Department of Gansu Province, and the Department of Culture and Tourism of Gansu Province, undertaken by the High School Attached to Northwest Normal University, and co-organized by Northwest Normal University and the Lanzhou Education Bureau. (End)