The initial compensation for the collapse of a building in Florida is at least US$150 million

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China News Service, July 22nd. According to a comprehensive report, on the 21st local time, a judge in the United States stated that victims and their families in the collapse of a 12-story apartment in Florida will receive at least US$150 million in initial compensation.

Miami-Dade Circuit Court Judge Michael Hanzman said at the hearing that the amount includes insurance for the Champlain Tower South building involved and Surfside where the building is located. Deutsche Real Estate’s expected sales proceeds.

The initial compensation for the collapse of a building in Florida is at least US$150 million


p > “The court has always been concerned about the victims.” The judge said that this group includes visitors and renters, not just apartment owners.

According to reports, the US$150 million does not include claims from multiple lawsuits that have been filed since the collapse on June 24. The judge said that if the prosecution agrees, these lawsuits will be combined into a single class action and cover all victims and family members. The accident has caused at least 97 deaths.

Attorney Michael Goldberg has been appointed by Hanzman as the financial receiver of Champranta’s board of directors. He said that under the supervision of investigators from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the collapse Debris removal work is underway at the scene. The debris considered as key evidence will be stored in a warehouse in the Miami area, and the remaining debris will be stored in a nearby open space. All these fragments will serve as possible evidence for litigation and other expert review.

“Their report may take years to become public.” Goldberg said of the NIST investigation.

The building was undergoing a 40-year recertification process when it collapsed. Three years ago, an engineer warned that serious structural problems needed immediate attention, but most concrete repairs and other work had not yet begun at the time of the incident.

The apartment owners still disagree on how to deal with the property. Some people want to rebuild the entire apartment so they can move back; others say that it should be kept as a memorial place to commemorate those who died; the third suggestion is to combine the two.

Hanzman said that time is of the essence because victims and their families need money to start rebuilding their lives.