The movie “Three Bays Adaptation” was screened nationwide, Jiangxi held its premiere

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China News Service, Nanchang, July 19 (Reporter Liu Zhankun Huashan) On July 19, the major revolutionary historical film “Sanwan Adaptation” held its premiere in Nanchang in Jiangxi. The ultimate poster and promotional film were released and announced The film was officially released nationwide on that day.

The film “Three Bays Adaptation” was produced by Jiangxi Film Studio Co., Ltd., Bayi Film Studio of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, Ji’an Broadcasting and Television Station, Jinggangshan Xijiangyue Culture Media Co., Ltd., produced by Bayi Film Directed by the studio’s first-level director Yang Hu, Xiao Yusheng is the chief screenwriter, Wang Wei is the screenwriter, and the actor Hou Jingjian starring.

The movie “Three Bays Adaptation” was screened nationwide, Jiangxi held its premiere

The picture shows a group photo of all guests and creators of the film “Three Bays Adaptation”. Photographed by Liu Zhankun

The film relies on real history and mainly tells about Mao Zedong’s leadership of the “Sanwan Adaptation” in Sanwan Village after the failure of the Autumn Harvest Uprising in 1927, and the establishment of the “Party Command Gun” branch built on the company. A whole set of brand-new military management strategies such as “Equality of Officers and Soldiers” guarantees the story of the party’s absolute leadership over the military. In March this year, the crew filmed in Yongxin County, Taihe County, Qingyuan District, and Jizhou District, Ji’an City, Jiangxi Province.

At the premiere scene, the creator passionately shared the behind-the-scenes story of the shooting. Chief producer Liu Jianting reviewed and summarized the whole preparation process of the film with the words “bitterness and sweetness”. He said that “Three Bays Adaptation” has never been presented in an independent theme, in a cinematic way, and in a panoramic manner before. As a local film and television producer, I know the importance and historical significance of the film adaptation of Sanwan. It is hoped that through this film, it will be expressed to audiences all over the country that this red land in Jiangxi is also the place where the history of “Sanwan Adaptation” took place.

The movie “Three Bays Adaptation” was screened nationwide, Jiangxi held its premiere(1)


p > The picture shows all the guests putt to announce that the film “Three Bays Adaptation” will be officially released nationwide on July 19. Photo by Liu Zhankun

Director Yang Hu also shared his original intention and creative ideas for filming the film, and he also thanked the people in Ji’an, Jiangxi for their strong support during the filming process. He said, “During the filming process, the extras organized by Ji’an City left a very deep impression on me. The success of this film is inseparable from the efforts of the people in Ji’an.”

I have played Mao Zedong many times. Hou Jingjian, the lead actor of “Sanwan,” said affectionately, “As a young actor and a young literary and artistic worker, I feel that the burden on me is heavier than before to shoot such a very meaningful work. Sanwan is adapted in party history and military history. Both play a key role. I hope that our dedicated work can get the support and recognition of the audience.” (End)