The TV series “Chasing Dreams in the Blue Sky” starts broadcasting, director Li Yunliang shares his creative experience

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China News Service, July 27th. On the 26th, the TV series “Chasing the Blue Sky” (formerly known as “Made in China”) held a media watching conference in Beijing. Director Li Yunliang, actors Xu Xiaosa, Wang Jiayu, Chen Xinxuan and other leading creators appeared and exchanged views Creative experience and shooting insights.

The TV series “Chasing Dreams in the Blue Sky” starts broadcasting, director Li Yunliang shares his creative experience

“Dream Blue Sky” Based on the magnificent deeds of the aviation industry of New China in the past 70 years, it tells the great feat of three generations of aviation heroes who went on to let the “Made in China” aircraft soar into the blue sky of the motherland.

Director Li Yunliang shared the creative experience of the whole play at the scene of the movie. As a descendant of military industry, he was deeply impressed by the story in the play. He said frankly: “There are many stories and many details in the play. I have seen it at home, and whether I saw it at home or What the three generations of aviation people in the play show consistently is the spirit of dedication.”

Li Yunliang introduced that the creation of “Chasing the Blue Sky” has gone through 4 years, with 17 collections and 6 expert seminars organized. At the meeting, I have interviewed more than 50 representative figures, consulted nearly 100 biographies, and learned countless stories from them.

In the play, Wang Jiayu is divided into two roles, as Xu Meng, a determined student of Western University of Technology, and Qin Yue, the stubborn daughter of Qin Tian, ​​deducting the relentless pursuit of the two generations of aviation. Wang Jiayu said frankly that he “loves this show very much” and still remembers Xu Meng’s school motto of “Frankness and Courage” at the Western University of Technology. “Public” means being the world and serving the motherland; “sincerity” means being honest and trustworthy and open-minded; “courage” means being brave and diligent and being the first; “perseverance” means being resolute and persevering. “Public honesty” is set as the criterion for people to live in the world, and “courage” clearly explores the spirit of truth. Xu Meng, who she plays, has always adhered to the school motto of “Fairness and Courage” and has dedicated everything she has to the development of China’s aviation industry.

It is reported that the TV series “Chasing the Blue Sky” will premiere on CCTV-1 prime time at 20:00 pm on July 27 (Tuesday), and will be broadcast simultaneously on iQiyi, Tencent Video, and Youku.