To become a great weapon, first have a pattern

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getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=dd9bdd9decaceb1be65f952fe580c792 - To become a great weapon, first have a patternThe road in life is very long

Stop moving forward for the sake of petty profits

< p>I am bound to miss the scenery ahead

getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=597e932bcdcaaf32dd59c95382f156a0 - To become a great weapon, first have a pattern


“Don’t be afraid of being slow, just be afraid to stand; stand one stop, two miles and a half”

It means to do anything

Don’t be afraid of slow speed, just stand in place

Many benefits of life

Not like a vending machine

If you drop coins, you will see results immediately

Many times we are like farmers sowing seeds

If we want to reap many fruits

Learn to experience

Spring ploughing, Xia Yun, autumn harvest, winter storage

There is rarely an overnight success in the world

Those who stand on the top of the mountain

< p>It’s all through the accumulation of hard work

I waited until the surprise was accumulated

If you keep your eyes open, the road will be longer

< p>To withstand the long years

The years will return you to completion

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Some people say:

We are on the road of life

The best way is to look forward

If a person is always addicted to the past

It is destined to not reach the distance.

The word”pattern”

“Pattern” is the character of personality

“Pattern” is the temperament and mind


The bigger the mind, the bigger the pattern

The bigger the pattern, the greater the achievement

HeartHow many metrics are there >

How big a boat can be supported

What kind of pattern is in my heart

What kind of ending can be written

No one’s life will go well

Those who can laugh in life and achieve self-achievement

They are just

learned not to be entangled, and learned to look forward

relax your mind

The past will disappear with the wind

Take things lightly

Only suffering will turn into stars on the road

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An old saying goes:

“Be prepared for danger in times of peace, think well, and be prepared without danger”


in a comfortable environment , We must also maintain a sense of crisis

Think carefully about the future to be prepared for danger

“Horse is easy to stumble, and people are greedy and comfortable.”

Too much ease

It will numb people’s nerves and wear down people’s fighting spirit

Those who are lazy and loose

will eventually become


Block your high walls and trap your quagmire

Don’t choose comfort at the age when you should struggle

When the wind is calm and the waves are calm, be prepared for danger

Only can calmly deal with the storm

If you want to become a powerful weapon, first have a pattern >

The so-called pattern

It’s just a ruler in your eyes and a measure in your heart


Can you not fall into the trap of temporary gain

Miss the distant scenery

Learn to look forward

Only to let go of the past

Let’s talk about the wine with the present

Create tomorrow’s glory again

Hide worry in my heart

In order to stay awake all the time, all the way forward

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I hope to live in the future

We can all relax the pattern


p >Live the best look

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The excitement of the world is under control

Relax the structure and move forward all the way