Virgin Galactic CEO: The goal is to provide at least one space tour service every day

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Virgin Galactic CEO: The goal is to provide at least one space tour service every day

He said: “I think this will be a very limited supply business for a period of time.”

< p>Last night, Richard Branson, the 70-year-old founder of Virgin Galactic, successfully flew to space and returned smoothly to realize his dream of space for many years. At the same time, it is also a valuable publicity for Virgin Galactic’s future space travel services.

This year, Virgin Galactic will also conduct two test flights, and then provide an official space tour service in 2022 to send paying users to space. At present, Virgin Galactic has attracted more than 600 paying passengers, each of whom paid an average of about 130,000 U.S. dollars in fares, waiting to take the Virgin Galactic spacecraft to space. In addition, 1,000 people paid a deposit of 1,000 US dollars.

Kolgrazier also revealed in an interview with the media today that Virgin Galactic plans to replace the current prototype spacecraft with two new spacecraft next year. The design of these two spacecrafts is easier to maintain, resulting in faster turnaround between flights. In addition, Virgin Galactic is also considering how to mass-produce future spacecraft.

Kolgrazier said: “In each spaceport, our goal is to conduct approximately 400 flights per year.” He added that after the successful test yesterday, Virgin Galactic will also seek to expand Its first operating base in New Mexico, looking for other spaceports around the world. However, because each flight can only accommodate four passengers, Virgin Galactic is also facing a serious shortage of seats in the short term.

Branson was originally scheduled to enter space later this summer, but after Amazon founder Jeff Bezos announced that he would fly into space on July 20, Branson Sen advances the flight plan.

In this regard, Kergrazier denied that Branson was competing with Bezos (who would fly to space first). He said Branson changed the plan because Virgin Galactic no longer needed a second flight to test the customer experience.

When talking about the huge public attention that Branson and Bezos flew into space, Colgrazier said: “The most interesting story seems to be a space between billionaires. Competition, but it is not the case.”