We are destined to be vicissitudes of life in this life, we have to leave with a smile when we cry

By yqqlm yqqlm

As soon as I squinted my eyes, I started crying and crying, snuggling in the arms of the person who was full of smiles, two palms, one supporting the left arm and the other around the chest. The ass blocked the first swing.

From crying, I passed the shoulder pads and butt pads for the first time I blocked the swing and slowly learned to laugh innocently.

From the beginning of laughter, through babbling, making various sounds to express the pure voice of my heart.

From the support of the hand, I broke free of my arms and walked to the ground. I improved my limbs and learned the language through the sound.

When I was born, I cried and the people around me laughed. I opened my eyes and the people around me didn’t close their eyes.

I cry seriously The laugh is also serious

The initial sound should be the most simple

The initial laugh should be the most innocent

The first cry should be the purest

The first limbs are the soundest, not the most powerful, although it’s not The most powerful, but when I broke away from the embrace and walked to the ground, I have the present in my life…

From the pure crying, now I have tears on my face

From that swing, there is a stumble now

From the innocent laugh, now there is a depressed mood

From the simple sound, now there is a eloquence

When I died, the people around cried and I cried again. I squinted my eyes and the people around me couldn’t close their eyes

You can’t cry or laugh, you can’t laugh

Now the limbs are the most powerful and not sound, although they are not sound, they run on the ground. There is the beginning in a lifetime…

From the beginning of tears to the face and then there is a bunch of tears

From the beginning of the stumbling With smooth roads and smoothness

From depressed and unhappy, then there is a lonely one.

From the eloquent beginning and then there is gold and jade Good words

When he passed away, the people around cried, he smiled and squinted his eyes, and the people around cried and squinted his eyes

Laughing is not like a fake, crying is not like a fake

Later, the limbs are the least powerful and the most unsound, but it goes to freedom and then has a life…