Who should we pay tribute to

By yqqlm yqqlm

Perhaps we should pay tribute to many people, but some have passed.

Today’s tribute is still the ardent soldiers, because they are protecting our homeland and defending peace. In a possible war, they will surely surrender their lives to the front. In front of every flood, they jumped into the flood to guard the dam, and their hearts were tied to the people. Even now, it is still fighting stubbornly against the once-in-a-millennium disaster. Soldiers spend their lives, the motherland is safe, and pay tribute to the soldiers forever!

We should also pay tribute to the teachers, who are nurturing the hope of the country. Working hard and burning candles willingly, illuminating the road to the future with every faint light. No matter the past or the present, pay tribute to them!

We should also pay tribute to the ordinary front-line workers and hard-working taxpayers. They are industrial workers, farmers, peddlers, or people who work hard to create taxes with these people. The construction and development of the motherland are inseparable from these people who directly create value. They are also the shining points of this era, and we should pay tribute to them!

Of course, because the law is sacred, judges should be respected when they hold a legal code that measures fairness. But they are re-adjusting the once solemn Libra. I believe they will pay tribute to them for being late.

The police badge symbolizes a golden shield, and the police holds a sword to maintain social peace. They should also be angels, but they are too close to the devil, so be vigilant at all times. I still hope to be like the amiable policeman in the movie”I will rest today Waiting by the people, I believe that they will eventually win the tribute of the people.

The judicial field is also in need of a strict and serious notarization of itself, but that notarization should be verified and issued by the people, and it will get a new tribute.

The profession of a doctor is noble, and he was once called an angel in white. But some people have dyed their pure white clothes with undesirable colors, perhaps only partially and temporarily. People have seen their tired figure and fearless dedication in the fight against the epidemic again. I look forward to them becoming true angels and earning the respect of the people, so I still pay tribute to them.

Let us sincerely hope to pay tribute to all who are worthy of tribute.

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