Youth song and dance film “The Sky of Burning Wild Youth” will be screened Peng Yuchang talks about experience

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China News Service, July 19th. Recently, the film “The Sky of Burning Wild Youth” held its premiere in Beijing. Producer and director Zhang Yibai, director Han Yan, screenwriter Li Zelin, starring Peng Yuchang, Xu Enyi, and Zhang Youhao , SNH48 Sun Rui, Si Wai Ge, Liao Yueying, Hu Yuxuan attended and shared behind-the-scenes stories.

Youth song and dance film “The Sky of Burning Wild Youth” will be screened Peng Yuchang talks about experience

2020, by Zhang Yibai The 16-episode youth drama “The Sky of the Wind Dog” directed by He Han Yan and screened by Li Zelin was broadcast and was loved by young audiences. In the movie “The Sky of Burning Youth”, the three behind-the-scenes creators once again joined forces to create a youth song and dance film.

In the movie, the “Old Dog”, a teenager who came to Hainan for repetition alone, met a group of “salted fish teenagers” with similar smells, and met a group of uneven “weed girls”, but this group of young People ignore the eyes of others and have to participate in the dancing miracle contest together. Regardless of the outcome of the game, as long as you can meet a group of friends and do something together even if others find it silly, it is also a happy and unforgettable thing in youth. For the main creators, they also met good friends in the process, and together they did a “stupid” thing that required courage like “shooting a local musical. The filming of the whole film has gone through the hot summers and rainy winters in Haikou. Several youthful young actors gathered together. From behind the scenes of the rehearsal to the front of the filming, they spent several months together, and let this group of teenagers play together. Forged a deep friendship outside.

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After the TV series, again Peng Yuchang, who starred in “Old Dog” in the movie, said: “This movie is worth 120 or even 150 points of hard work so that we can leave no regrets. It is an honor to make such a youth song and dance film with everyone. ”

The new actor Xu Enyi counted down the precious memories of getting along with each partner, “They worked hard to get me into this group, Si Wai Ge and You Hao will dance with me, Sun Rui, Xiao Liao always To accompany me, Xiao Hu will give me beautiful necklaces that I have praised, and Peng Peng will cheer me up when I am tired.”

Compared with the 17-year-old Xu Enyi who made the film debut, other actors have more experience. It’s not easy. Sun Rui has been in the women’s group for 8 years and has gone from being a “little transparent” to the number one position; Siwaige has also worked hard to become a singer and actor from a dance teacher; Liao Yueying thanked the movie for allowing her to move from an online platform to a big screen. At the scene, she inspired many boys and girls like her with a passionate and powerful speech. She said: “I used to be a fat girl with a very low self-esteem. Now I want to tell everyone that I am fat and I am strong! I am fat and sunshine! I am fat and my treasure! I can bring happiness to more people. I am very lucky and happy!”; “Ali” Hu Yuxuan shouted to his mother “I finally starred!”


p > For the domestic film market, youth films are not uncommon, but youth musical films are really rare. “The Sky of Burning Wild Youth” has made a bold attempt.

Youth song and dance film “The Sky of Burning Wild Youth” will be screened Peng Yuchang talks about experience(2)

At the premiere, and The protagonists also appeared on stage together with a special group of “Burning Wild Boys”. They are dancers who have trained and filmed together with the protagonists for several months. When it comes to the hard work of dance training, they have a great say: “Sometimes they will train overnight. Some have a leg injury, some fainted from heatstroke, and they are worried that they will be expelled if they don’t dance well enough. But whether it’s the main creator or someone else, everyone Very kind and attentive, working together to do one thing well, it’s really like a class group.” Before joining the group, Peng Yuchang, who has zero dance foundation, shared, “Everyone will take me to dance and accompany me to add lessons and practice. Thank you all, and I am honored to be shooting with you.”

It is reported that the movie “The Sky of Burning Wild Boy” was released nationwide on July 17.