Zhengzhou launches a comprehensive investigation of the epidemic: to avoid further spread of the epidemic

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(Fighting New Coronary Pneumonia) Zhengzhou will carry out a comprehensive investigation of the epidemic: to avoid further spread of the epidemic

China News Service, Zhengzhou, July 31 (Liu Pengkan Li) In response to the emerging new coronary pneumonia epidemic, Zhengzhou will How to strictly prevent and control? On the evening of the 31st, Li Huifang, deputy secretary-general of the Zhengzhou Municipal Government, stated that a comprehensive investigation of the epidemic will be carried out and management and control in various fields will be strengthened to resolutely avoid the further spread of the epidemic.

At the press conference on the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in Zhengzhou held on the evening of the 31st, Li Huifang stated that since July 30, Zhengzhou has initiated an emergency response mechanism in response to the severe situation of the spread of the epidemic. Corresponding prevention and control measures have been implemented. In the next step, Zhengzhou will focus on quickly cutting off the spread of the epidemic and adopt strict, strict, detailed, detailed, and practical prevention and control measures to resolutely avoid the further spread of the epidemic.

Zhengzhou launches a comprehensive investigation of the epidemic: to avoid further spread of the epidemic

The picture shows the press conference on site. Photo by Kan Li

Li Huifang specifically introduced four measures:

The first is to strengthen prevention and control at the source. In response to the actual situation of multiple cases in the Sixth Hospital of Zhengzhou (Zhengzhou Sixth People’s Hospital), a comprehensive investigation and full-staff testing were carried out quickly, and all medical staff, logistic personnel, inpatients, escorts, etc. of the Sixth Hospital of the city, and above All family members of the personnel undergo nucleic acid testing; during nucleic acid testing, the abnormal test results will be re-examined as soon as possible. For those who have entered and exited the city’s sixth hospital since July 16, according to the relevant information of entering the hospital to scan the health code, the relevant personnel will be investigated through big data; nucleic acid testing and corresponding control measures will be implemented for the personnel found out. At the same time, a comprehensive investigation of medical institutions at all levels in the city was carried out, strictly implementing the requirements of “pre-inspection and triage, examination and examination, standard protection, expanded testing, and strict escort”, strengthened process management, strengthened weak links, and effectively plugged hidden loopholes.

The second is to strengthen social prevention and control. Mobilize residents, property companies, employers, hotels, and other mass prevention and control forces, continue to carry out investigations of key personnel, implement prevention and control measures to households and individuals, and effectively build a community prevention and control network. For hotels with lodging functions, theaters, shopping malls, supermarkets, tourist attractions and other places where people gather, and the spaces are closed, the measures to scan Zhengzhou’s health codes should be resumed. The Municipal Bureau of Education conducts statistics on personal and family trips to the province and visits to relatives and friends during the summer vacation of students; those with a history of residence in areas with medium to high risks and epidemic-related areas shall proactively report to the community and schools, and cooperate with the implementation of relevant prevention and control measures.

The third is to strengthen airport control. Further strengthen airport epidemic prevention and control measures, strengthen international and domestic aviation classification management and control, and strictly implement measures such as isolation and monitoring of close contacts and sub-close contacts to ensure that various prevention and control requirements are accurate and in place. Organize all relevant staff such as cleaning staff and service staff at airports, high-speed rail stations, and railway stations to conduct nucleic acid tests for all employees. Important transportation hubs such as high-speed rail stations, railway stations, and long-distance bus stations must strictly implement the system of temperature detection of personnel entering Zheng and scanning of Zheng’s health codes and itinerary codes. Continue to implement infection prevention measures such as medical waste management of the Health Care Center, environmental and object surface disinfection, personal protection of staff, and sewage and sewage treatment.

Fourth is to strengthen cold chain monitoring. Resolutely implement the “four concentrations” requirements, strictly implement preventive disinfection, sampling testing, and personnel protection, and do a good job in epidemic prevention and control from the source. Strengthen the supervision and inspection of the imported cold chain food market, supervise and urge operating companies to implement the main responsibilities for epidemic prevention and control and food safety, and do a good job in unpacking disinfection, special counter storage, and management of employees. Strengthen law enforcement, and severely investigate and punish illegal activities that do not cooperate with centralized supervision and illegally operate imported cold chain food. Continue to do a good job in the management of imported high-risk non-cold-chain container cargo, and strengthen the daily supervision and inspection of five international cargo entry points including Xinzheng International Airport West Cargo Station, Comprehensive Bonded Zone, Meat Port, International Land Port, and Postal Port. (End)