“1950 They Are Young” released in September, Volunteer Army veterans debut on the big screen

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New Beijing News (Reporter Zhou Huixiaowan) On August 25, the documentary film “1950 They Are Young” was held in Beijing. The film took four years to shoot and produce. The main creative team set out with the original intention of “real, precious, and youthful”. They visited nearly 50 volunteer soldiers and selected 26 for inclusion in the film, recreating the battlefield of the year from different services and different dimensions. story. This is also the first time that 26 volunteer veterans have appeared on the big screen. The film will be officially released on September 3.

“1950 They Are Young” released in September, Volunteer Army veterans debut on the big screen

70 years ago, 100 Ten thousand youths crossed the Yalu River to the battlefield, blocking the threat from the country. Some of them returned, and some stayed in that land forever. To resist US aggression and aid Korea, 197653 volunteer soldiers who died in a foreign country and returned. How are they now? How tragic was the battlefield back then? What did these young people think in the battle where the military and material resources were very disparity?

Director Song Kunru said: “There is an veteran soldier in the film. His dying wish is to find the remains of his comrades-in-arms and bring them back to China. The audience who have watched this movie before are not in control of this detail. Live in tears. In fact, not only the veterans, but the motherland also remembers these sacrificed soldiers. They have been doing the job of picking them home and trying their best to find the relatives of the martyrs. I hope that after this movie is released, more people can understand this passage. History, pay attention to the remains of volunteer martyrs returning to China and help find their relatives.”

Song Kunru revealed that although they are nearly 90 years old in the movie, they are about youth stories, so the title was named ” 1950 They Are Young.” When asked why it was made into a movie to be screened in theaters, Song Kunru said: “To make a movie and screen it in theaters is the highest tribute to them. Back then, they used their blood and lives to build a great wall of flesh and blood for the people of the motherland. Strong enemies are blocking the country. They are using their methods to serve the country. As a director, I put them on the big screen. It is my respect to them, and their images are worth our preservation. Documenting movies is not easy. , I hope everyone can support me and let this movie go a little further, so that the stories of these old people can be seen by more people. Our project is based on goodwill, and we will definitely meet well-meaning people. With everyone walking along, I believe this movie Will go further.”