2020 Tokyo Olympics closes “Paris Time” officially opens

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(Tokyo Olympics) The closing of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics “Paris Time” officially opens

China News Service, Tokyo, August 8th (Reporter Xing Chong) Affected by the new crown epidemic, the first postponed Olympic Games in history The curtain came to an end-on the evening of the 8th local time, the 32nd Summer Olympic Games closed in Tokyo, Japan.

2020 Tokyo Olympics closes “Paris Time” officially opens


p >On August 8, the closing ceremony of the 32nd Summer Olympic Games was held in Tokyo, Japan. The picture shows the Olympic flame goes out. Photo by China News Agency reporter Du Yang

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics became the first postponed Olympic Games in the history of the Olympics. This is the second time Tokyo has hosted the Olympics since 1964. At this Olympic Games, members of the Olympic Committee and IOC refugee delegations from 205 countries and regions gathered in Tokyo to compete in 33 major events and 339 minor events.

A total of 65 delegations won gold medals and 93 delegations won medals in this Olympic Games. 9 delegations won more than 10 gold medals and 16 delegations won more than 5 gold medals. The United States, China, Japan, Britain, Russia, Australia and other countries are still steadily at the forefront of the gold medal list.

The Chinese sports delegation has a total of 777 people participating in the Tokyo Olympics, including 431 athletes, making it the largest overseas Olympic Games, and covering 30 major events and 225 minor events in addition to surfing, baseball and softball and handball. , Which is the largest number of minor events participated in the overseas Olympic Games. The Chinese delegation won 38 golds, 32 silvers and 18 bronzes in Tokyo, with a total of 88 medals. The number of gold medals and medals is second only to the United States, which is equal to the best overseas participation in the London Olympics.

The Hong Kong delegation of China has a total of 97 people, the largest scale to participate in the Olympic Games since the return. Among them, 46 athletes won 1 gold, 2 silver and 3 bronze, a total of 6 medals; the Chinese Taipei delegation sent 66 athletes Participated in 18 competitions and won 2 golds, 4 silvers and 6 bronzes, a total of 12 medals.

The closing ceremony of the evening was based on the concept of “Worlds We Share” (the world we shared), which contained the meaning of “keep in mind the touch of sharing with people of different personalities and different cultural backgrounds, and join hands in creating the future.” Affected by the epidemic, the closing ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics was also held empty and lasted about two and a half hours, which was 30 minutes shorter than the originally planned 3 hours.

At the closing ceremony, Chinese sprinter Su Bingtian entered the stadium with a five-star red flag. At this Olympics, Su Bingtian became the first Asian player to advance to the men’s 100-meter final. His 9.83 seconds in the semi-finals set an Asian record.

International Olympic Committee President Bach and World Athletics Federation President Sebastian Ko presented awards to the top three male and female marathon runners. After the performance is the flag handover ceremony: Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike will hand the flag to the President of the International Olympic Committee Bach, and Bach to the Mayor of Paris Hidalgo. The “8 Minutes in Paris” performance began.

Finally, on the main torch stage, which symbolizes “Mount Fuji”, the Olympic flame is slowly extinguished, implying that the Tokyo Olympics has come to an end. The Summer Olympics officially entered “Paris Time”.

The Paris Olympic Games are scheduled to be held from July 26 to August 11, 2024. This is the first Olympic event in Paris after the 1924 Olympics. (End)