Bach: Tokyo Olympics “unprecedented”

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(Tokyo Olympics) Bach: Tokyo Olympics “unprecedented”

China News Service, Tokyo, August 8th, the Tokyo Olympic flame that burned for 16 days was slowly extinguished at the Tokyo New National Stadium on the 8th . Regarding the Tokyo Olympics, which was postponed for one year due to the new crown pneumonia epidemic, Thomas Maher, President of the International Olympic Committee, said in his speech that the Tokyo Olympics is an unprecedented Olympic Games.

Bach: Tokyo Olympics “unprecedented”

On August 8, the closing ceremony of the 32nd Summer Olympic Games was held in Tokyo, Japan. The picture shows the scene of the closing ceremony. Photo by China News Agency reporter Han Haidan

Bach said that athletes use the cohesion of sports to inspire everyone. The epidemic has brought many challenges, and the cohesion of sports has become more prominent. In difficult times, athletes from all over the world have given the world the most precious gift, and that is hope. “The whole world has come together, sports have come to the center stage, and billions of people around the world share this joyous and encouraging moment. This gives us hope and gives us confidence in the future.”

“This is an unprecedented Olympic Games.” Bach emphasized that the Tokyo Olympics is an Olympic Games of hope, unity and peace. He said that no one had organized a postponed Olympic Games before, and it was the unprecedented efforts of the International Olympic Committee and partners that made this Olympic Games possible. “In the same Olympic family, we are so united,” Bach thanked the Japanese Olympic Committee, Japanese governments at all levels, volunteers, national or regional Olympic committees, and various international sports individual organizations, etc., for showing solidarity and support here. . “We are doing this for the athletes. We are united and we have done it.” Bach said that the sports achievements of the athletes in the past 16 days are astonishing. Their excellence, joy, and tears have created The vitality of the Olympics.

Finally, Bach appealed in French that young people from all over the world will meet again in Paris three years later. (End)

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