“Brother Who Overcome the Thorns” Lin Zhixuan and Li Yundi select teams from each other in one second Zhang Jin bids for the performance song naughty “spoiler”

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Mango TV panoramic music competition variety show “Brother Who Overcomes Thorns” aired the first episode (part 2) today. After the first stage concert, the brothers ushered in the challenge of regrouping and bidding for the first performance song. In this issue, there are not only the small live house in the dormitory where the brothers have a tacit understanding, but also the “spoiler” of Zhang Jin’s song auction but accidentally play off, as well as Lin Zhixuan and Li Yundi’s “insurance” combination one-second mutual selection, and Lee Seung-hyun bluntly said “has started.” “Reluctant” and other famous scenes, the brothers are ready to go, and are about to usher in a new challenge.

“Brother Who Overcome the Thorns” Lin Zhixuan and Li Yundi select teams from each other in one second Zhang Jin bids for the performance song naughty “spoiler”

Lin Zhixuan and Li Yundi one second exchange Choosing Jerry Yan and Zhang Yunlong’s “Island-style” Selection

After the announcement of the initial stage results of “Brother Who Overcomes Troubles”, the brothers returned to the dormitory to chat and have a party, improvise performances were staged in turn, and chorused “Heal the World” , “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” and other songs are like small live houses, everyone laughs and moves, and the atmosphere is very harmonious. After the music party was over, Lee Seung-hyun, who stayed in the same place, called Qi Wei to thank her for encouraging herself to participate in the show, and said that “I have begun to be reluctant to be here.”

Then came to the team-building session. The program set the brothers to choose each other to enter the tribe. Lin Zhixuan and Li Yundi, who had already become acquainted, met his eyes instantly and formed the team in one second. Before Yin Zheng also commented on two The position is “the voice of insurance and the hands of insurance”, I did not expect that the combination of “insurance” would be “combined for business” so soon

After two or two teams, the brothers expanded to tribes of three, four, or five by recruiting new members. Jerry Yan and Zhang Yunlong, who also agreed with each other, met when they chose the other three teammates. “Hinder”, Yan Chengxu said that he is a very slow person. Zhang Yunlong also commented on him as “Brother Xu is slow”. The two stood in the crowd and looked out until the others successfully formed a group. Huang Guanzhong, Chen Hui, and Huang Zheng automatically formed a group and were laughed at by everyone as “really an island-style social interaction.”

The Rappers met Zhao Wenzhuo and the collectively well-behaved Zhang Jin’s “spoiler” song bid to create “Oolong”

After the brothers formed 8 tribes, 8 captains had to be selected. Several Rappers in the same group as Zhao Wenzhuo all agreed that he was the best candidate for the captain, and the reason was that he was “a little afraid to look directly into his eyes”, and Zhao Wenzhuo also said that he wanted to be the captain and faced a strong aura. Netizens also called “Zhao Wenzhuo to subdue the Rappers by his ability”.

In the subsequent song bidding session, the brothers will use the firepower accumulated on the first stage to grab the next round of public performances. After casting their initial wishes, most of the tribes will use the “not cheap” firepower. Value grabbed his favorite track, and when Lin Zhixuan’s tribe competed for “Love”, Zhang Jin’s tribe followed the principle of “raising prices and consuming opponents” and opened the line. What people did not expect was that when Zhang Jin called for 91 points At that time, Lin Zhixuan withdrew from the competition due to insufficient firepower. The audience was stunned. Zhang Jin faced the big oolong incident and sat directly on the ground. It turned out that Lin Zhixuan’s team reserved half of the firepower for subsequent bidding. Commented, “This is a big game.”

The brothers who have successfully determined the selection of the song are about to start the next round of competition. In the trailer, the brothers will start a new round of physical strength competition and fun competition on the order of appearance, and they will welcome What kind of song training? Stay tuned, Mango TV’s “Brother Who Overcomes Troubles” every Thursday and Friday at 12 o’clock.