CCTV Online Review丨The United States retreats to Afghanistan after 20 years of indiscriminate bombing

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On August 30, local time, US President Biden issued a statement stating that the United States had completed its evacuation mission from Afghanistan. The longest war in American history has ended on the military level.

During the 20-year occupation, more than 2,000 U.S. troops were killed and 2 trillion military expenditures were spent. This was the price the United States paid for launching the war in Afghanistan. Of course, what Americans should reflect on is the pain and trauma that this war of aggression has brought to the Afghan people. A research report released by Brown University showed that the 20-year war in Afghanistan caused the death of about 100,000 Afghan soldiers and civilians. The chaotic post-war situation and the dilemma of the people’s livelihood made the future of this war-torn country full of great uncertainty.

CCTV Online Review丨The United States retreats to Afghanistan after 20 years of indiscriminate bombing

20 years of war were smoked, and 20 years of life were wiped out. The Afghan War was not only a complete defeat in the US military strategy, but also declared another complete failure of the “beacon of mankind” and “democratic reconstruction”. The United States used military means to force the so-called “democratic model”, which in the end created the chaos and decline of Afghanistan. From Iraq to Afghanistan, the “democratic experiment” of the United States has never brought these countries the “democracy, freedom, and prosperity” it claims. Instead, it has left the dying and sufferings of the United States after its chaos and abandonment.

From Saigon to Kabul, the United States has “tired” as the “director” and “protagonist” time and time again, directing and acting out one after another similar ugly dramas that harm others and others. The self-proclaimed “city on the hill”, the United States, under the guise of “human rights”, uses the US dollar and M16 to use both soft and hard, forcibly peddling the hypocritical value concept of “democracy and freedom” to the world, igniting wars everywhere. After repeated defeats, he kept “beating his face” on himself, sinking deeper and deeper in the quagmire of self-digging, and causing bloody human tragedies in many regions and countries.

The international community has long been familiar with the methods and routines of the United States. They shouted “Democracy and Freedom”, but they are in fact arrogant and arrogant, and they have displayed tyranny and tyranny to the fullest. They are the world’s largest “troublemakers”. This is going against the trend, contrary to the hearts of the people of the world, and if you don’t self-reflection, the United States is destined to become a bully that everyone avoids. (CCTV commentator)