Comprehensive news: the United States achieves overtake on the last day, China ties the best result of participating in overseas Olympics

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(Tokyo Olympics) Comprehensive news: The United States achieved the last day of overtaking China and tying the best results of participating in the overseas Olympics

China News Service, Tokyo, August 8th (Reporter Wang Zumin) The 8th is the Tokyo Olympics On the closing day, as Li Qian missed the gold medal in the women’s boxing 75 kg final, the number of gold medals and medals of the Chinese Army in the Tokyo Olympics was fixed at 38 gold, 32 silver, and 18 bronze. Good grades.

Comprehensive news: the United States achieves overtake on the last day, China ties the best result of participating in overseas Olympics


p > On August 8, Beijing time, in the women’s 75 kg boxing final of the Tokyo Olympics, Chinese player Li Qian (blue) lost 0:5 to British player Price and won the silver medal in the event. The picture shows the scene of the game. Photo by China News Agency reporter Han Haidan

The “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” on the gold medal list has also been fixed. The US team won 3 golds on the last day, and the total number of gold medals (39) exceeded the Chinese team to top the list. .

The Japanese team still ranks third with 27 gold medals, not far from the small goal of “30 gold medals” before the game, creating its best result in the history of the Olympics.

On the closing day of the Olympics, 13 gold medals were produced. The Chinese team missed the only gold medal: in the women’s boxing 75kg final, Rio Olympic third runner-up Li Qian lost to the British star Ply Si, won the silver medal.

After the game, Li Qian said that the idea of ​​getting the last gold for the Chinese delegation made her somewhat burdened and failed to perform well. But she said that from Rio to Tokyo, she replaced the bronze medal with a silver medal, and in Paris three years later, she would replace the silver medal with a gold medal.

On the same day, the Chinese rhythmic gymnastics team performed well in the collective all-around finals, finishing fourth with 84.550 points, creating its best record overseas. The Bulgarian team, the Russian team and the Italian team won the first, second and third place.

The US team made a strong attack on the last day of the Olympic Games and won 3 gold medals in the women’s volleyball, women’s basketball and women’s track cycling women’s all-around.

In the women’s volleyball field, the US team defeated the Brazil team 3:0 and won the Olympic women’s volleyball championship for the first time. The US women’s basketball team is even stronger, beating the Japanese team 90:75 in the final, achieving seven consecutive Olympic championships.

The last gold medal of the Tokyo Olympics was in the water polo field-in the men’s water polo final, the Serbian team defeated the Greek team 13:10 to win the championship, drawing a successful conclusion to the Olympics. (End)