Don’t talk about wrongs

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In life , Manage your own mouth, guard your heart, don’t talk about right and wrong, don’t expose people’s shortcomings, don’t publicize other people’s faults, this is a virtuous person. The power of language is immense, it can warm people’s hearts, but they can also chill people’s hearts.

Ignoring others, disregarding people’s shortcomings, not talking about others, being cautious in words and deeds, is the top quality of a person. Sometimes, if you talk too much, you may get yourself into a dilemma. It is better to be humble and silent and keep the words in your heart. The most remarkable ability of a wise man is not to say it.

And those who are eloquent and like to tell the truth, they must also be less ethical. Where there are people, there are right and wrong. Many conflicts in life are caused by telling right and wrong.

Those who like to tell right and wrong are full of slander and jealousy, trying to speculate on other people’s ideas.

Know that:the right and wrong words that are said will one day be passed on to the person concerned. In the end, it will not only cause trouble to others, but also often put oneself in a dilemma.

Those who say that people are right and wrong will harm others and detriment themselves.

Don’t talk about wrongs, not only is the most fundamental cultivation for people in the world, but also a kind of wisdom in life.

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When you get along with others, you don’t have to talk too much about other people’s private affairs, and more often you have to consider the other person’s feelings. Talking carefully and doing things cautiously is the manifestation of wisdom.

It is the most disgusting and the most self-sufficient behavior to talk about personal matters that others do not want to mention.

When we talk to people, we don’t reveal the shortcomings and selfishness is the most basic cultivation. To leave room for others is also to leave a way out for ourselves.

Just be merciful and kind in your heart can bring good luck to yourself.

There is an old saying:”Knowing others is wise, knowing oneself knows.”

It is wise to know and know others People; people who can understand and know themselves are smart people.

Before blaming others, you must take a good look at yourself. There is such a story:the master took a mop to mop the floor. But after dragging it for a long time, it was not clean, and the floor was still dirty.

The mop angrily said to the floor:”Why are you so dirty, I can’t mop it with a lot of effort.” The floor looked at the mop and said,”You want to make me clean, you have to first Just wash yourself clean!”

The mop looked down at me, very ashamed. It turned out that it was not that the floor was mopped clean, but that I was dirty.

When blaming others, check yourself first. Only by constantly examining oneself and understanding one’s shortcomings, not being proud or complacent, can you cultivate yourself better.

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Without other people’s work, don’t talk about others.

Everyone has a past that they don’t want to mention. If these things are told, they will undoubtedly hurt others deeply.

So, you must speak with a sense of measure, what you should say, what should not be said, weigh the pros and cons in your heart, and avoid the conflict of words that will cause unnecessary trouble to yourself and others.

Don’t talk about people’s faults, don’t expose people’s shortcomings, don’t talk about people’s mistakes, for oneself, it is the highest level of cultivation; for others, it is the greatest comfort.

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