Douban scored 8.3. Why is “I’m Good in Afar” so well received?

By yqqlm yqqlm

Chinanews.com, August 2nd. In recent years, film and television works depicting the living conditions of young people in foreign countries in metropolises have responded to realistic concerns and aroused emotional resonance from the audience, and their popularity has continued to rise. This summer, the urban sentimental drama “I’m Good Away from Home”, which reflected this theme, was well received. It was broadcasted more than half of the time and received a Douban score of 8.3 points.

Douban scored 8.3. Why is “I’m Good in Afar” so well received?

“Okay” cuts into the lives of four young women with very different personalities, and confronts the pain points and practical problems faced by young people from foreign countries in the city.

For example, in life, Qiao Xichen was cheated on rent by a “black intermediary”, and was “stumped on the nose” by an unreasonable co-renting roommate. He wanted to live alone and save the rent and could only rent until he was away from the company. In far-flung places, apart from having to endure longer commuting time, she also has to worry about personal safety. She can only remark as “sir” when receiving food, and bring her own anti-wolf spray and fake camera. In the workplace, in order to keep her job, she does not Dare to take time off, take a break, work overtime without complaint, and “drop the chain” at critical moments because of too much anxiety.

Ji Nanjia, who is relatively successful in his career, is over 30 and is constantly urged to marry by his parents. When he is ill, he can only go to the doctor alone, relying on the alarm clock to remind him to take medicine. Hu Jingjing, a lively character, was fired by the company for no reason and was forced to resign. Their diverse life experiences and experiences in the city reflect hot topics such as renting a house, intergenerational communication, marriage and love anxiety, consumption comparison, appearance anxiety, workplace anxiety, and employee rights protection.

“I’m good in a foreign country”, in addition to directly attacking the real dilemma, it also provides comfort and strength to the audience with a warm realist character.

On the one hand, the play shows the growth process of these young people, and guides the audience to think about life principles such as the correct ranking of work and health, and the true source of security. On the other hand, the play is still inadvertently embellished with all kinds of warmth: when working alone in the warehouse, colleagues pretend to pass by to help, and like-minded partners make work more warm and motivated. When the landlord did not receive the rent from the black agent, he asked people to emptied the furniture and encountered thieves in the house. Friends came forward and the brightness of the friendship was enough to bring people out of the darkness. On the night of overtime work, my mother sent a small red envelope worth dozens of yuan to ask her daughter to take a taxi home, which made people “tear” instantly.

The suspenseful colors and comedic elements of “I’m Very Good Away From Home” are also a highlight. Qiao Xichen complained about the leader behind his back, was heard by the leader, went to another company for an interview, but ran into the current leader… Qiao Xichen’s hilarious scenes of “social death” repeatedly made the audience laugh; If not, Ji Nanjia who has to pay for the customers who left for the long distance, while singing in the bar, silently drank the rest of the wine…These funny plots show the true state of contemporary young people in dealing with setbacks. , Make the characters more three-dimensional and full.