Faced with the indiscriminate killing of innocents by the U.S. military at Kabul Airport, the blind U.S. media was silent collectively

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CCTV Online Review|Faced with the indiscriminate killing of innocents by the US military at Kabul Airport, the blind American media was silent collectively!

The U.S. hastily retreat in Afghanistan is embarrassing before the world. The Kabul Airport, which is almost the only retreat channel under the control of the US military, has experienced successive explosions in recent days, causing hundreds of casualties.

What makes international public opinion even more indignant is that after the explosion, the US military blatantly fired at the people without questioning them, causing serious casualties of innocent people! At the same time, the US military also blocked the road near the airport after the explosion, causing some wounded to die because they could not get timely treatment.

Faced with the indiscriminate killing of innocents by the U.S. military at Kabul Airport, the blind U.S. media was silent collectively

No matter what the reason, civilians will be shot An atrocity that cannot be forgiven by international law! The Geneva Convention clearly stipulates that the killing, coercion, torture, and expulsion of peaceful residents are prohibited in war, and those who did not actually participate in the war should be treated humanely under all circumstances. However, the United States, which prides itself as a “world police”, has had criminal “prior convictions” in shooting civilians in many parts of the world.

This type of atrocities, which flagrantly violates international law and human conscience, is incompatible with the United States’ image as a “human rights defender.”

What makes the world incredible is that in the face of the indiscriminate killing of innocents by the U.S. military at Kabul Airport, the American media, which has always claimed to be “the world’s most authoritative and credible”, has “tacitly” kept a collective silence! Many netizens commented: “Shooting at civilians is shameless”, “This is what the beacon of mankind does”, “U.S. reporters, you also come out and take two steps”, “Why don’t Western countries report this kind of news?”…

This strange appearance of the United States completely reflects the consistent “double standards” of the American media. The American media called the American soldiers killed in the airport “heroes” and must resolutely “revenge.” “. What shocked people of conscience around the world was that the US media almost turned a blind eye to the tragedy of the massacre of the Afghan people by the US military. Among them, some American media brazenly declared that this is a “great and proud” strategic retreat. This kind of self-confidence in self-confidence and infinite beautification of failure has resulted in criticism from the international community. The international community deeply sees that some American media regard the principles of truthful, objective and fair reporting as a “furnishing”! This once again “fully and vividly” highlights the consistent arrogance and prejudice of the American media.

In fact, in international reports, especially reports involving self-interest, this “double standard” of certain American and Western media can be seen everywhere. For a long time, from the Gulf War to the Iraq War and then to the invasion of Afghanistan, there have been numerous reports in the U.S. media that label the U.S. military as a “justice”, glorify the war of aggression as a “war of freedom”, and portray opponents as “criminals against humanity.” Habitually “self-sanctify” and arbitrarily measure the values ​​and behaviors of other countries based on their own standards of right and wrong.

Huosuga lives! The heinous crimes committed by the US military against the Afghan people are irrefutable facts. Whether it’s ignoring or whitewashing by some American media, it will not help, but will further allow the international community to see its hypocrisy and ugliness. While holding the banner of “democracy,” “freedom,” and “justice,” Support and even beautify the U.S. military’s evil deeds in the report!

At present, with the changes in the global order, the development of communication technology, and the prosperity of the world media market, people in various countries have more convenient access to information, and the speed of information updates is getting faster and faster. They are “more than ever before. Can read”. The blind “double standards” of the American media once again made it clear to the world that hypocrisy is the essence of American “press freedom”! (CCTV commentator)