Famous Peking Opera artist Li Mingyan dies at the age of 87

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Li Mingyan, a famous Peking Opera performance artist, passed away at the age of 87. Li Mingyan: Although I am away from Chisang Town, the remaining sound will go back to the beam

Famous Peking Opera artist Li Mingyan dies at the age of 87

In the early morning of August 11, the famous Peking Opera artist and Lao Dan actor Li Mingyan died of illness at the age of 87. Li Mingyan, born in 1934, is a national first-class actor. Frequently performed repertoires include “The Emperor’s Resignation”, “Wang’er Tower”, “The Dragon Robe of Yuhou”, “Golden Turtle Fishing”, “Chisang Town” and so on. She was born in an artist’s family and was taught by Xu Mingce, An Shuyuan, Tan Xiaopei, Guan Dayuan, Lei Xifu, Li Duokui, Li Jinquan, Wang Yumin, Shi Qingshan and other teachers. She is the first high talent graduated from the Chinese Opera School. In 1958, he followed Mr. Li Duokui as his teacher, and he gained a great reputation.

On the same day, Li Mingyan’s daughter issued an obituary, saying, “Due to the mother’s will and the current epidemic situation, in view of the uncontrollable situation, it was decided to keep everything simple after consultation. A mourning hall was set up at home, and friends and relatives could come to worship at home. The memorial service will no longer be held in public. The memorial time of the memorial hall in the home is from 9 am to 5 pm on August 12-14.”

Once a guest in this newspaper, “Talking about Art and Talking about Beijing”


When the news of Li Mingyan’s death was in the apprentices’ WeChat group yesterday, Yang Weilan felt very sudden, because Li Mingyan’s sister had just reposted Li Mingyan’s call records and a short chat recording in this group the day before. It’s about some videos of her previous voice acting of Li Duokui.

“Master has always wanted to watch some movies that she had previously portrayed, so I just watched her own portrait video on the Internet and asked why I couldn’t like it.” Yang Weilan said.

Li Mingyan’s worship of master Li Duokui accompanied her entire artistic life. When she was a guest at the Beijing Opera Culture Sharing Conference hosted by Beijing Youth Daily in April 2018: “I was an admirer of Mr. Li Duokui before I became a disciple. I understand why so many people love to listen to my master’s songs. Everyone knows the famous foreign tenor Pavarotti. My master is such a character. He is a master of the opera world. According to Western music The name is “Noble Singer”.”

The inheritance of the “Li School” Lao Dan art is another important work of this Lao Dan performing artist outside of the stage. She has many apprentices, including professional actors such as Kang Jing, Yang Weilan, Guo Yaoyao, Hou Yu, Jia Huaiyin, etc., as well as a large number of amateur actors and fanciers. As long as someone wants to learn, she does not care about personal gains and losses to teach.

Yang Weilan said that although Li Mingyan is very carefree in life, he is very serious in teaching art, strict requirements for students, and details, whether it is a step or a singing voice, will be carefully studied by the students. Until satisfied.

I am positioning myself as a “grassroot artist”

Actually, Li Mingyan has never relaxed his requirements not only for students, but for himself, even when he is older. An online video recorded Li Mingyan’s impression of director Zhang Yimou when he rehearsed the Peking opera “The World Is Returning”.

Zhang Yimou said: “We all told her, Teacher Li, don’t kneel, the floor is hard, or I will give you a cushion. She will kneel down with a plop. Look at that stage. Every time I really fall, I feel very worried that I don’t want to get up.” After a video of Li Mingyan kneeling on the ground during a rehearsal, the executive director Chen Lincang said: “When she gets up again, she can’t get up. “Later, the video showed that Li Mingyan was supported by someone, and in the process, she subconsciously put her hand on Shang Changrong’s leg.

That year was 2013, and Li Mingyan was 80 years old.

In fact, there is another little thing after “The World Is Returning”, which shows Li Mingyan’s heart.

Li Mingyan rushed back to Beijing from Shanghai after finishing the “World Return” to attend a Peking Opera concert to commemorate Li Duokui’s 115th birthday. At 5 o’clock in the afternoon, I arrived at the Capital Airport and hurried to the National Grand Theater. I was so nervous, but I didn’t ask the organizer for any additional request or price.

At that time, she was arranged to save the bottom and cooperate with Kang Wansheng. However, before the performance, some actors put forward different opinions because of their performance sequence. At this time, Li Mingyan stood quietly on the side curtain of the stage. When Lou Yue, the organizer, asked her, she said that she was preparing to appear and sang the “Cannon Show” first.

“Don’t let go.” Lou Yue said that this is Li Mingyan’s greatest “goodness” as a “corner”. “She always says that she is a’grassroot artist’.”

Behind the strong is “weakness”.

Li Mingyan claims to be a “grassroot artist”, which is also related to her artistic experience. When he was young, he went to Xinjiang with her husband Qu Yongchun to sing in opera. He only returned to Beijing in the late 1970s and later worked in the Beijing Fenglei Peking Opera Troupe. Although Beijing Fenglei Peking Opera Troupe is only a small Peking Opera Troupe, which cannot be compared with the National Peking Opera Troupe and Beijing Peking Opera Troupe, Li Mingyan worked there until he retired and became a big artist from the Peking Opera Troupe.

It is through so many years of training that she has a broader mind, and she has become stronger. In 2019, Li Mingyan’s beloved son passed away, and when she performed “Qin Xianglian” in Tianjin, she endured her grief and did not return to the show. The collaborators on the same stage didn’t know about Li Mingyan’s situation until after the performance.

Many people think that old ladies can think well, but there is one thing that makes people know about Li Mingyan’s “weakness” as a mother.

After the death of his son, Li Mingyan went to watch a performance of his apprentice, which was the entire book “The Story of the Golden Turtle”, starting with “fishing for a golden turtle” and ending with “cry for the soul”. This play tells the story of Kang’s second son Zhang Yi catching a golden turtle, Kang’s eldest son’s daughter-in-law killed Zhang Yi, and Kang’s guardian for Zhang Yi and went to the court to appeal for his second son.

On the way home after watching the play, Li Mingyan shed tears while talking to people in the car. It was a strong mother who shed tears and missed her son’s tears.

Photography/Reporter Wang Xiaoxi