Global Observation丨Fighting and defeating American regime subversion

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A war in Afghanistan that took 20 years, cost trillions of dollars and cost more than 2,000 US troops died, finally ended with the hasty withdrawal of US troops.

Looking back at history, the U.S. government always hopes to overthrow its leaders and achieve the purpose of promoting American ideology and values ​​for those countries that are “disobedient”. It ended in failure.

Global Observation丨Fighting and defeating American regime subversion

△《Today The American newspaper pointed out in the article “Improper handling” or inevitably “a mess.” What happened to the United States withdrawing troops from Afghanistan” pointed out that in the past 20 years, this war has brought huge disasters and suffering to the Afghan people. Today, Afghans have to face new turbulence and uncertainty.

It can be said that the history of American diplomacy is a history of intervention, subversion, and coup d’état, as well as a history of repeated failures and asking for hardships.

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△Kabul, Afghanistan The soldiers, pilots, and civilians injured in the airport bombing are receiving treatment

The “open” secrets behind the subversion

In December 2018, Lin Lin, assistant professor of political science at Boston College, USA Sai O’Rourke’s book “Hidden Power Changes: America’s Secret Cold War” was published.

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△Oro In his book, Ke discussed that since the end of World War II, the United States has tried every means to transform and subvert those regimes that do not conform to its own interests or the so-called “ideologically hostile countries” in order to consolidate its global hegemony.

Armed intervention, military invasion, economic sanctions, cultural infiltration, incitement to riots, and election manipulation are keywords that O’Rourke repeatedly mentioned. According to her, between 1947 and 1989 alone, the U.S. government carried out 64 operations to subvert the regimes of other countries. In this regard, the British “Guardian” stated that Americans are subversive experts.

When talking about the 2016 U.S. presidential election, American political commentator Juan Gonzalez said that the United States blindly accused other countries of manipulating the U.S. presidential election, but in fact, the United States interfered in other countries’ elections. There have been many more times, and there have been many more times of subverting other countries’ regimes.

The regimes of more than a dozen countries, including Cuba, Nicaragua, Haiti, Dominica, Indonesia, Iran, Guatemala, and Iraq, have been overthrown and even subverted many times by the US government.

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△This year 6 In October, Iran’s president-elect Leahy stated that the United States is obliged to lift all sanctions against Iran.

These subversive activities are sometimes carried out in secret, and sometimes without concealment, sending troops directly. But every time, the United States will use high-sounding rhetoric such as safeguarding national security or liberating local people to whitewash its power politics and hegemonic behavior.

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△1961 April 17: The U.S. creates the Gironde incident in an attempt to overthrow the Cuban government led by Castro.

Steven Kanazawa, a senior researcher at the Watson School of International and Public Affairs at Brown University, pointed out: “At any time, for any country, for whatever reason, if the United States wants to subvert its regime, , The U.S. government will put a coat on the reasons for its actions, such as defending human rights or saving the local economy. In this way, the intervention of the U.S. government can quickly gain the support of its citizens.”

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△Watson International and Public Affairs Research, Brown University, USA Senior researcher Stephen Kanazawa

However, these remarks cannot conceal the fact that the U.S. government does not consider the feelings of the countries and peoples that have been overthrown, nor does it consider the feelings of those countries and peoples. Benefit. There is only one motive for all actions in the United States, that is, the United States does not allow any challengers to appear. As long as anyone dares to challenge the United States, the United States will eradicate its entire regime at any cost.

The “American Subversion” Routine: Combination of Economic Benefits + Political Means

The recurring history after World War II has fully illustrated this point. In modern history, no country like the United States has frequently performed such dramas in countries far from its coast that are much weaker than its own.

These dramas all express the same theme, that is, American values ​​need to be promoted, American economic interests cannot be harmed, and American business around the world cannot be hindered.

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△UK《 “Guardian” article: America first? Has Biden followed Trump’s footsteps on Afghanistan and vaccine issues?

As mankind enters modern society, multinational corporations in the United States have accumulated tremendous wealth and political influence.

While the United States has become a superpower, American multinational corporations naturally have the decisive power to intervene in world affairs. For their economic interests, these companies even do not hesitate to overthrow foreign leaders who are unwilling to cooperate. Successive U.S. presidents have believed that this is a good way to ensure that U.S. interests are not harmed.

One of the representatives of this perfect combination of economic interests and political means is John Foster Dulles. After decades of working for several of the largest multinational companies in the United States, he became U.S. Secretary of State.

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△John· Foster Dulles

It was he who ordered the Iranian coup in 1953 to overthrow the Mossadhai government. Part of the purpose of the coup was to allow American oil companies to securely obtain oil in the Middle East. .

One year later, Dulles ordered a coup in Guatemala. Because the local power and interests of the United Fruit Company have been challenged. And United Fruits is one of the important clients of the law firm where Dulles worked. “Chicago Tribune” commentator James O’Shea satirized that the U.S. government has become a small follower to the industrial giants.

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△Guatemala One Step Step by step to be transformed by the United States into a “banana republic”

In the American diplomatic dictionary, in order to protect the interests of American companies in countries around the world, the United States has the right to intervene anywhere in the world. This kind of intervention is not only By exerting political influence, they can be simply overthrown directly. It is this kind of big stickism that has caused the death of tens of thousands of innocent civilians in Guatemala, El Salvador, Cuba, Chile, and throughout Latin America. These countries have still not been able to completely get out of the haze.

The failed diplomatic history of the United States has proved countless times that it is sometimes easy to overthrow a regime, but it is never easy to impose American values ​​on these countries so that they can change their cultural customs and lifestyles.

Ye Hailin, vice president of the Institute of Asia-Pacific and Global Strategy of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, pointed out that power politics and hegemonic vices have long been written into the American political and diplomatic genes. Although they have repeatedly failed overseas, he believes that American politicians will never reflect, and will never accept lessons.

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△Chinese society Ye Hailin, deputy dean of the Institute of Asia-Pacific and Global Strategy, Academy of Sciences

Ye Hailin: Afghanistan and Iraq (the war) are not that the United States did not win, but that the United States should not have fought in the first place. Recognizing this matter is a very important reflection for the United States. But I don’t think Biden’s current policy towards Afghanistan or the American people’s concern for Afghanistan will produce such reflections. Even if they continue to run into walls, American policymakers still regard foreign intervention as a very important part of their own diplomatic tools. The reason is simple. The United States does not really care about the national interests of other countries. As Biden himself said, “Afghanistan, the US troops have never been sent for national reconstruction.” “