Global Observation丨”The world is asking about America’s promise and its value”

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On the 26th local time, two suicide bombings occurred near the Afghan capital Kabul International Airport, killing at least 90 Afghans and 13 US military personnel. U.S. President Biden later stated that the U.S. will attack the Afghan branch of the “Islamic State” that launched the suicide bombing attack, and will continue to withdraw from Afghanistan as planned.

The subtext of “according to plan” is that the US military will withdraw from Afghanistan before August 31. Earlier, at the special meeting of the G7 leaders on Afghanistan, the G7 leaders headed by British Prime Minister Johnson urged Biden to extend the deadline because it would take more time to evacuate their citizens.

Global Observation丨”The world is asking about America’s promise and its value”

△CNN It was reported on the 24th that Biden insisted on evacuation on schedule and emphasized that the sooner the better. U.S. officials revealed that any extension will be very short-lived and is currently only focused on evacuation of Americans.

What America’s allies—especially those in Europe—see is that the United States is letting go of the crisis it has caused, and it is indifferent to the problems caused by it in other areas.

“Europeans have no choice but to face the world themselves”

Global Observation丨”The world is asking about America’s promise and its value”(1)

△ The New York Times reported that the G7 meeting was held at a time when the transatlantic alliance was tense. The United Kingdom and other allies were not able to withdraw time and strategy due to the lack of the United States. Frustrated by the negotiation.

The United States has not only placed its European allies on the withdrawal deadline, but also has huge differences with Europe on the aftermath of the Afghanistan crisis, especially the refugee issue. The 20-year war in Afghanistan has been creating a refugee crisis in Europe, and there are still more than 80,000 Afghan refugees waiting for European acceptance before the evacuation. After experiencing the refugee crisis in 2015, Europe is particularly vigilant about this issue.

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△ “New York Times” picture. In 2015, a group of refugees rushed onto a train in the center of Budapest.

Many European media pointed out that the disorderly withdrawal of the United States and the letting go of the situation in Afghanistan will have more serious consequences, leading to a greater risk of the refugee problem having another impact on Europe.

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△Former German Ambassador to the U.S. Wolf Gun Ischengel said, “The real lesson for Europe is “Do we really want to always rely solely on American capabilities and decision-making?” ”

But for these allies, there is now a clearer fact before them, that is: if they want to serve their own interests, as far as the current situation is concerned, their capabilities are not enough. This is exactly what CNN pointed out in the article “Afghanistan Withdrawal Makes Allies Face the Cruel Reality of U.S. Withdrawal from the World Stage.” The article also believes that those who have long relied on the stability promised by the United States to promote Western values The country will need to rethink its foreign policy.

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< p>△Screenshots of CNN reports.

In fact, Europeans have indeed learned from the pain. The EU’s high representative for foreign and security policy, Josep Borrell, recently accepted the French media In the interview, the situation in Afghanistan and the evacuation chaos showed that “no one asked the Europeans’ opinions.” After this incident, “some countries in Europe will have to start thinking about the issue of American allies, and US President Biden also said that the United States People don’t want to fight other people’s wars”. Europe needs to develop its own military capabilities independent of the United States. “Europeans have no choice. We must organize ourselves to face the world, not fantasy.”

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△Screenshot of the report of the French international news channel “France 24”. Borelli said “Afghanistan has awakened Europe’s crisis awareness.” He “will propose to form a powerful expeditionary force of 50,000 for the European Union to prevent the recurrence of situations similar to Afghanistan.”

“Global reliability to the United States The suspicion has just begun”

As early as 1796, Washington, the first president of the United States, warned Americans in his farewell speech, “Our real policy is to avoid establishing a permanent alliance with any part of the outside world. “. But more than 200 years later, the United States has long forgotten the warnings of its ancestors.

In American diplomacy, alliances are another “extreme” path that the United States has taken after getting rid of isolationism. Especially after the Cold War, the alliance of the United States has gradually developed from group confrontation under a bipolar pattern to containment and blockade under a pattern of monopoly. As long as the United States believes that the regional or international influence of a certain country poses a challenge to U.S. hegemony, it will take it as an example. The goal of alliance and containment. The famous American geopolitical scholar Brzezinski made a precise description of this in his book many years ago: Supported by the system”.

Global Observation丨”The world is asking about America’s promise and its value”(6)

△Brzezinski and his book “The Big Chess Game: America’s Primacy and Its Geostrategy” (1997)

For a long time, the United States Through its alliance system, it adheres to the Cold War mentality and tramples on the international order based on international law for self-interest. From launching wars against regional powers or small and medium-sized countries, to forming various “clean network alliances” and “value alliances” against major countries that are regarded as strategic opponents; from “anti-epidemic egoism” and “vaccine nationalism” that do not hesitate to harm the interests of allies, Go to the coercion of allies to stand and monitor. “America First” has repeatedly turned allies into damaging friends, causing the alliance system that the United States is proud to expose more and more cracks.

Since the US Biden administration came to power, it has re-strengthened its control over the alliance system, ostensibly reverting to the banner of multilateralism, and is essentially engaging in “small circles” and group politics, trying to gang up and implement strategies against emerging powers. Containing and suppressing, acting unilaterally in the name of an alliance, has labeled itself a “pseudo-multilateralism.”

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Capitol Hill: Biden, The limitations of the G7 and multilateralism.

Russia’s special position in geographical location and geo-environment makes it a strategic security adversary in the eyes of the United States. Over the years, the United States has continued to squeeze Russia’s strategic space under its leading NATO and various other alliances, causing the deterioration of US-Russian relations to a rare low point in history.

As the frontier of the US-Russian confrontation and one of the most important allies of the United States in Europe, Germany has a deep understanding of the nature and harm of this alliance. The current crisis in Afghanistan allowed Germany to see the true face of the United States as its leader.

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△Bloomberg: “The whole world is asking How much is America’s commitment worth?: As early as May 2017 shortly after Trump came to power, German Chancellor Angela Merkel stated that the days when Europe can rely on the United States “to some extent” have been Finish. The U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan without listening to the opinions of its allies has exacerbated this sense of mistrust.

The consequences have been revealed. Many French media reported that the leader of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s political party, Amin Raschelt, stated on the 16th that the withdrawal of Western troops from Afghanistan was the “biggest failure” that NATO has suffered since its establishment.

Global Observation丨”The world is asking about America’s promise and its value”(9)

△AFP report. Raschelt also said, “The current focus must be on the withdrawal of German troops from Afghanistan.” But we will discuss the reasons and conclusions drawn after this rescue mission-to Germany, our allies and the United States. Error analysis is self-evident.

Germany is also full of misgivings about the prospect of Biden’s “retreat as progress” starting from withdrawing from Afghanistan and shifting from an anti-terrorism strategy to a major power competition strategy.

In fact, on the issue of Russia, Germany has already made its own choice: Relevant statistics show that Merkel and Putin have met 30 times on different occasions. While the United States was withdrawing from the chaos in Afghanistan, Merkel made the last visit to Russia during her tenure. What is intriguing is that Merkel, who was disappointed in the United States, turned to ask Putin to mediate with the Taliban in Afghanistan to give German local employees in Afghanistan a chance to evacuate Afghanistan. This shows the ambition of Germany’s strategic autonomy.

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△ “Voice of Germany” report screenshot< /p>

Another topic of this meeting is the “Beixi-2” natural gas pipeline project, which is of great significance to both Russia and Germany. With the joint efforts of the leaders of Russia and Germany, the successful completion of the “Beixi-2” natural gas pipeline project is just around the corner. The United States has used many methods to prevent the project from advancing, but none of them worked. Bloomberg’s article “The World Is Asking How Much US Promises Are Worth” pointed out that the United States has always opposed the “Beixi-2” project on the grounds that it has increased its dependence on Moscow. But in any case, the project will be completed by the end of this month, and Merkel’s only concession is to promise to maintain energy security in Europe.

Global Observation丨”The world is asking about America’s promise and its value”(11)

△Bloomberg, “The whole world is asking the United States “How much is the promise of ”

As the article said, Biden’s approval rating has already been impacted, and the impact on the global view that the United States can be relied on has begun to appear.