Hundreds of people evacuated from eight-story apartment in Miami

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China News Service, August 11th. According to a report on the 10th by the US Chinese website, hundreds of residents in the northwestern part of Miami in the United States were forced to move out of their eight-story apartment building because local officials determined that the building was Not safe. In fact, long before the evacuation notice was issued, the building was included in the list of unsafe buildings and it was also found that it did not comply with the local safety certification procedures.

Hundreds of people evacuated from eight-story apartment in Miami


p > According to reports, this building is located in northwest Miami and has 137 units. Local city officials said that the building was included in the list of unsafe buildings in May, and it has also been found to have failed to comply with the city’s safety certification procedures.

On July 26, city officials including Asael Marrero, the director of construction in Miami, met with residents to express concerns about the “building condition.” The next day, the inspectors determined after the inspection that due to structural considerations, the building garage must be closed.

Local officials said that the property manager of this building was asked to submit a plan to repair the pillars on the first floor of the building, but the city government never received such a plan, and did not apply for construction permits when the building was being repaired. certificate.

Inspectors inspected the apartment again on August 9 and determined that the repair work was “not enough” to provide support for the pillars. The results of this inspection prompted the city to issue an evacuation order. Marrero said, “We obviously don’t think it’s safe here. Because the contractor continued to perform repairs without authorization, the structural integrity was compromised.”

But the evacuation brought a lot to the lives of residents. Great inconvenience. One of the residents said: “We have many elderly homeowners here, and they have nowhere to go.” Marrero said that the city is working with residents to help them provide temporary housing.

In June, a 12-story residential building in Surfside, a coastal town in Florida, collapsed locally, killing 98 people. Since then, officials in the Miami area have been trying to review the structural integrity of the building.