Ingenuity helicopter takes images of South Seítah “Perseverance” or further exploration

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Ingenuity helicopter takes images of South Seítah “Perseverance” or further exploration

Before Ingenuity’s latest flight, most of the Perseverance’s scientific team’s knowledge of the southern part of the Seítah landform came from orbiter images. Based on these data, they believe that the site may be a treasure trove of complex geology. When the rover team is looking for signs of ancient microbial life and trying to describe the geological features of the area and understand the history of the area, the information provided may be valuable effect.

They used the image of the gyroplane to look for signs of layered sedimentary rocks that may be deposited in the water, intriguing rock outcrops, and safe routes for the rover to enter and return to the area.

“From a scientific point of view, these images of South Seítah are the most valuable images taken by Ingenuity so far,” said Farley, who works at the California Institute of Technology. “And part of their value may lie in what they don’t show. The sedimentary layer in the rock is not obvious in the image, and there may be some areas that may be difficult for the rover to explore. Our science and rover driving team have work. To better understand how to deal with the new data.”

Ingenuity flew 33 feet (10 meters) while flying over South Seítah, and then flew back to South Seítah, earning 10 points in the area. Images. This flight was one of the most complicated flights performed by the helicopter team so far-the longest flight (169.5 seconds) so far. It flew from the relatively inconspicuous terrain outside South Seítah into more terrain inside. Then it flew out again.

“This image may be saying that we don’t need to go further west to get the best geological species for this first scientific activity,” Farley said. “If we decide to go to South Seítah, we already have some valuable information about what we will encounter. And if we decide to stay near the’Artuby Ridge’, the current location of the rover, we will save precious time. This is a win-win result.”