International sharp review丨The U.S. intelligence agency that is keen on fakes can’t think about fooling the world again

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August 24 is the so-called 90-day traceability investigation deadline set by the US government for its intelligence agencies. A White House spokesperson said that the public version of the traceability investigation report is expected to be released within a few days. Regardless of what conclusions the report may give, the fact that the intelligence department conducts scientific tracing itself is an out-and-out political farce.

“We lie, we deceive, we steal…” The classic “famous quote” of former US Secretary of State Pompeo exposed himself to the shameless tactics of the US intelligence services. Historically, as a tool to maintain American hegemony, U.S. intelligence agencies have done countless dirty activities.

International sharp review丨The U.S. intelligence agency that is keen on fakes can’t think about fooling the world again

For example, 1964 In early August 2008, US President Johnson submitted a message to Congress, claiming that two US warships were attacked by North Vietnamese torpedo boats in the international waters of the Beibu Gulf. This news immediately became the headline of major American media at the time. Then the U.S. Congress passed the “Tokyo Bay Resolution” and the Vietnam War broke out. However, the final declassified data confirmed that the incident process was completely inconsistent with the situation announced by the US government. The US National Security Agency provided false information and fabricated the “Beibu Gulf incident”, which provided a “most reasonable” excuse for the United States to start a war with Vietnam.

In the Middle East, U.S. intelligence agencies are even more fraudulent. In order to start the Iraq war, the United States took out a “tube of washing powder”; for air strikes in Syria, the United States concocted a “white helmet” video. But facts have proved that Iraq has no weapons of mass destruction at all; the so-called “Syria use of chemical weapons” video was filmed, and the “White Helmets” organization received funding from the United States and the West.

For the US intelligence agencies, fraud is only one of the dark tactics, and its more insidious means is to manipulate media personnel from various countries through the “Mockbird Project.” The plan began in the 1940s. The CIA used this to buy journalists and media organizations around the world to achieve the purpose of controlling information channels, manipulating public opinion, and instigating regime change in other countries. In the 1950s, the downfall of the leftist government in Guatemala was a “masterpiece” of the CIA’s public opinion offensive.

To this day, US intelligence agencies still try to confuse people by manipulating the media. In May of this year, the “Wall Street Journal” published an article citing information such as the so-called “previously undisclosed U.S. intelligence report” and fabricated the story of three staff members of Wuhan Institute of Virology who fell ill in November 2019. In August, CNN published a so-called exclusive report, claiming that the US intelligence agency found a “treasure house” of genetic data during the investigation, containing genetic data from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Once deciphered, it may become a reveal. The key to the origin of the new coronavirus. Obviously, under the instigation of US politicians, the US intelligence agencies tried to repeat the same tricks in the traceability investigation to plant China.

International sharp review丨The U.S. intelligence agency that is keen on fakes can’t think about fooling the world again(1)

Science does not allow politics Fiddle. Regarding the traceability of the new crown virus, the China-WHO joint research report released at the end of March this year has drawn conclusions and recommendations recognized by the international community and the scientific community, pointing out that the new crown virus is “extremely unlikely” to leak from Chinese laboratories. In the future, global traceability work should and can only be carried out on this basis, rather than starting anew.

China has always supported and will continue to participate in scientific tracing, and will never tolerate US intelligence agencies to frame and frame. The whole world will never believe a ridiculous report concocted with 90 days of time and dark methods. Nearly 80 countries recently wrote to the WHO Director-General, issued a statement or a note against the politicization of the traceability issue, which is clear evidence. Why not let us see how the credible U.S. government and intelligence agencies will humiliate themselves this time! (International sharp commentator)