Jurassic giant carnivorous dinosaur Allosaurus was identified as a scavenger rather than a predator

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Jurassic giant carnivorous dinosaur Allosaurus was identified as a scavenger rather than a predator

Pahl pointed out: “This new perspective may subvert 150 years of established ideas.”

Allosaurus coexisted in time and space with some of the largest herbivorous dinosaurs recorded. These dinosaurs include well-known dinosaurs such as Kamalasaurus, Barsaurus, Hadrosaurus, Diplodocus, Brontosaurus, Hypersaurus, and Brachiosaurus. In particular, the brachiosaurus was once considered the largest land animal in history, probably 70 feet long and weighing 64 tons. Chaolong has a length of more than 110 feet and a weight of 40 tons. If these giant dinosaurs die mainly from natural causes, such as disease, hunger, and exhaustion, as is typical of many modern herbivore populations, then their carcasses will be enough, even if these dinosaurs did not take any predatory behavior. It can also maintain a viable population of allosaurus.

Researchers use a huge agent-based model to support this hypothesis, which simulates the carrion resources (corpses) and allosaurus that existed in the Morrison formation caused by the death of the above-mentioned herbivorous dinosaurs. The relationship between the energy requirements of food. They further studied the morphological properties of the skull, including the degree of binocular vision of predators and scavengers, and ecological data from fossils, such as the relative numbers of predators, herbivores, and scavengers. The relative fragility of the skull and teeth of Allosaurus has made people suspect that Allosaurus is a carnivore. In addition to this shortcoming, Allosaurus does not have the binocular vision required to be a successful predator: it is only 30% of Tyrannosaurus and 15% of modern lions.

Allosaurus is a dinosaur that can be traced back to the Late Jurassic Period (Morrison Formation, 155 million to 145 million years ago), mainly living in what is now Western North America. Allosaurus is a large bipedal dinosaur in the theropod, which also includes Tyrannosaurus. In fact, Allosaurus and Tyrannosaurus have some superficial similarities. Allosaurus was the largest carnivorous dinosaur of their time and location, reaching up to 32 feet in height and weighing 2.5 tons (some estimate up to 4 tons). They walk on two feet, have a big head, and their chins are covered with sharp serrations, which are easy to fall off and change constantly. Like Tyrannosaurus, they also have small upper arms and hands. The combination of these characteristics and the surface similarity with Tyrannosaurus rex resulted in Allosaurus being considered the top predator of the Morrison formation.

Therefore, all the facts together show that the ecological role of Allosaurus is a scavenger, similar to today’s condor, rather than an active predator, which overturns the established thinking for many years. .