MIT has developed a new drug delivery tool to replace injections

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s new drug delivery device is a swallowable The capsule has a small retractable needle to inject the medicine directly into the gastric mucosa.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s assistant professor of mechanical engineering Giovanni Traverso said that making it easier for patients to take medication will increase their chances of taking medication as prescribed. Researchers have demonstrated that the new capsule can deliver monoclonal antibodies and other large protein drugs, including insulin. They have demonstrated the effect of this capsule in animal experiments with pigs. It is unclear when or if this new delivery system may be tested in humans.

Drugs composed of large proteins cannot be taken orally, such as tablets or capsules, because the enzymes in the digestive tract break them down before they reach the site of absorption. The capsule developed by the team has a steep dome and is inspired by leopard tortoises.

Its shape makes the capsule easier to locate in the body, so its needle can be injected into the gastric mucosa. Although this shape has been used in previous experiments, the team redesigned its interior to provide up to 4 mg of liquid medicine. The capsule is about the size of a blueberry. Once the drug in the capsule is injected, the needle is retracted, allowing it to pass safely through the digestive tract.

MIT has developed a new drug delivery tool to replace injections