Month: August 2021

How bad is the villain in “Sweeping Dark Storm”?

   Chinanews client, Beijing, September 1st (Reporter Yuan Xiuyue) Recently, “Sweeping Dark Storm” has been screened. The villains in the play, whether it is Sun Xing’s distortion or Gao Mingyuan’s cruelty, make the audience timid.


“Seven-core water lily” found in Lianhuashan, Guangzhou, plans to make specimens

China News Service, Guangzhou, August 31 (Cheng Jingwei and Chen Xiaochuan) A reporter learned from the Lianhuashan Scenic Spot in Panyu, Guangzhou on the 31st that a water lily plant was recently found to be blooming with a “seven-core flower” spectacle: the center of the water lily has seven flower cores, of which One flower core is in the center, and the other six flower cores are connected in pairs, which can be described as “hand in hand, heart to heart”.