Peony connects the world with the media

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China News Service, Ningbo, August 5 (Li Dianyan, Ning, Cen Siyi) “Hello, Guys! Good morning, welcome to Jack’s class.” Every Monday at 4 pm, Jiulong Lake International Homeland, Zhenhai District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province (hereinafter referred to as In: International Homeland), Jiang Hongsheng will sit in front of the computer on time, greet the students of Rushcliffe School in the UK with such an opening remark, then pick up a paintbrush and start a day of Chinese ink painting online class.

Ten years ago, Jiang Hongsheng, who was still an English teacher, received a “task”: to teach 45 German students a Chinese painting class. In this class, he chose to use peony as a model to show students Chinese paintings of flowers and birds.

Peony, blooming, rich, open and inclusive, with a “Chinese model” that shares the same beauty and beauty. Under the harmony of ink and wash, the petals of the peony bloomed layer by layer… He described the eyes of German students looking at him as if they were looking at a magician. A German boy who was exposed to a brush for the first time sighed “Soft! Soft! (So soft!)” This reaction Jiang Hongsheng still remembers.

Peony connects the world with the media


p >Jiang Hongsheng provided pictures for international students through video

After a special encounter, Jiang Hongsheng bid farewell to his 22-year English teacher career and fell in love with Peony. In 2012, Jiang Hongsheng founded the “Red Peony Painting and Calligraphy International Exchange Society” in Ningbo. In 2020, under the new crown pneumonia epidemic, some international exchanges will be suspended. The idea of ​​using online teaching to spread Chinese culture immediately sprang up in Jiang Hongsheng’s mind.

In March this year, International Homes officially opened, and Jiang Hongsheng became the first teacher to settle in. Gradually, International Homeland has gradually become a base camp for foreign friends in Ningbo. People who visit here come from all over the world. They learn Chinese folk culture and share their experiences in China.

Jiang Hongsheng said that when these foreign friends walk out here, they often have a different understanding of Chinese culture. It was also with the support of International Homeland that Jiang Hongsheng picked up his paintbrush and connected to the live broadcast, starting his “journey to the cloud.”

In the International Homeland, invited by schools from the United Kingdom, France, and Russia, Jiang Hongsheng gave online lessons to students from the Internet, teaching them to draw Chinese ink painting.

“Looking at the students from learning to adjust ink to drawing petals, to drawing beautiful peony flowers, holding them to the camera, showing me the pride in my heart It is born spontaneously.” Jiang Hongsheng said, peony flowers represent Chinese culture, and the blossoming of peonies under the brush of foreign friends also symbolizes the blossoming of Chinese culture in the world.

The seeds of cultural exchange are also taking root in the international homeland. In July, Konstantin from Ukraine sent a message stating that he was about to return to his hometown of Ukraine, hoping to take Chinese painting courses back to his hometown, so that more Ukrainian children could learn about Chinese culture.

Nowadays, an “international team” has gathered in the international homeland to spread Chinese culture. They come from different countries in the world. They are all attracted by the charm of Chinese painting and calligraphy, and they have brought an open and inclusive Chinese culture to Around the world…(End)