Sun Honglei encourages young actors to read: how can they act well if they can’t even understand the lines

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Chinanews.com, August 2nd. Recently, iQiyi’s “Meng Tan Tan An” has experienced the real life of group acting through the Moe Tan family, focusing and paying attention to the current situation of the group acting industry.

In the show, after hearing that the young actor would give up his studies for acting, Sun Honglei patiently persuaded the other party to finish school, and also made an agreement with him to meet as an actor after completing his studies.

Sun Honglei encourages young actors to read: how can they act well if they can’t even understand the lines

This issue, cute exploration The family started the life experience of group acting and faced a series of tests such as acting skills. During the audition, Song Yaxuan, the first time youth troupe, played an autistic brother, and staged a parting scene with Huang Zitao, his brother Huang Zitao.

In order to express his dissatisfaction, Times Youth League-Song Yaxuan used paintings to hide his dissatisfaction and worries from the early stage, and then directly released his emotions and cried with his brother in tears. The emotions gradually increased. Finish the show. Huang Zitao did not hesitate to express his love for his younger brother throughout the whole process, especially after receiving the parting gift from his younger brother, he completely broke the defense, couldn’t help crying and embraced each other deeply. The emotional performance of the two was well received by everyone present.

A series of experience in group acting life deeply touched the Mengtan family. Sun Honglei saw a 14-year-old actor who was afraid to perform badly and he was too late to come on stage to encourage him. Offer to perform with his partner.

After learning that the young actors have been acting in groups for many years in order to act, and even after they have to give up reading for acting, Sun Honglei used the identity of the “teacher” in the performance to persuade the young actors to learn the importance of cultural lessons, bluntly said: ” You can’t even understand the script, you can’t even understand every line, how can you act well?”

After the show was broadcast, the young actor sent a message to thank Sun Honglei for his guidance and encouragement. “I will continue to work hard and look forward to meeting the teachers again (I will also learn cultural lessons).”

In addition, Huang Zitao recalled the experience of doing dragon tactics in the program, saying that he had Acting as a group performer for Zheng Yuanchang and Li Feier, as passers-by who pretend to drink champagne and chat and celebrate when others walk on the red carpet. The reward for a busy day is 30 yuan. He also said that he had distributed flyers and served dishes, and he also understood that every profession is worthy of respect. “There are too many people who have worked harder than us, but everyone can’t see it. So I am very grateful to those people, because they have made them. Up to us.”