The Chinese Consulate refutes the politicization of traceability: US intelligence agencies engage in traceability investigations against science

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China News Service, August 27. According to the news on the website of the Chinese Consulate General in New York on the 26th, the spokesperson of the Chinese Consulate General in New York answered reporters’ questions on the Boston Herald’s editorial on the traceability of the new crown virus. The full text is as follows:

The Chinese Consulate refutes the politicization of traceability: US intelligence agencies engage in traceability investigations against science

  1. Q: The Boston Herald published an editorial on August 13 stating that the issue of the origin of the new crown virus has been politicized. The theory that the new coronavirus is manufactured by a Chinese laboratory was dismissed as a “conspiracy theory” last year, but the WHO has recently changed its argument, saying that there is not enough scientific evidence to rule out any hypothesis that the virus may be manufactured by a laboratory. Science has not changed, but the political atmosphere has changed. Does the spokesperson have any comments on this?

Answer: Virus tracing is a serious scientific issue, and science must be respected, based on science, and it should only be concluded by scientists through in-depth research. The new coronavirus is of natural origin, which has become a general consensus in the international academic and medical circles. Collins, Dean of the National Institutes of Health, published an article in March last year pointing out that the new coronavirus is produced in nature, not a product of laboratory operations. In a recent interview with CNBC, Collins once again pointed out that a large amount of evidence shows that the new coronavirus system originated naturally and that the virus does not have the characteristics of man-made creation. The World Health Organization’s international expert team went to China twice to carry out joint research on traceability, and released a joint research report that it is “extremely impossible” for the new coronavirus to be introduced into humans through the laboratory. This is an authoritative report that can stand the test of science and history. It must be respected and implemented. In the future, global traceability work should and can only be carried out on this basis.

However, as the “Boston Herald” editorial mentioned, science has not changed, but the political atmosphere has changed. Some U.S. politicians and media are keen to stigmatize the epidemic, label the virus, and politicize its origin, spread the “laboratory leak theory”, and attempt to overthrow the joint research report. This behavior of betraying science and truth and distorting facts and truth is right. The disrespect of global scientists and science. The so-called traceability investigation conducted by the US government through intelligence agencies is inherently anti-scientific. The final investigation report cannot be a scientific report based on facts and scientific methods, nor can it be possible to draw any scientific conclusions on the traceability of the virus. It will cause interference and damage to international traceability and global anti-epidemic cooperation. China’s position on the issue of global traceability is consistent and clear. It always supports and will continue to participate in scientific traceability. What we oppose is political traceability, traceability that violates the WHO resolution, and abandoning the traceability of the China-WHO joint research report. .

Virus knows no borders, and epidemics do not distinguish between races. The current epidemic is spreading repeatedly, and unity and cooperation to fight the epidemic is still a top priority. During the most difficult period of the new crown epidemic last year, the Consulate General in New York actively promoted anti-epidemic cooperation between China and the local governments of the consular districts and people from all walks of life, including facilitating the donation of 1,000 ventilators to New York State by Chinese people and patriotism for New England The team transported 1.2 million masks from Shenzhen to Massachusetts to open a “green channel”, etc., writing a good story for the people of the two countries to join hands in fighting the epidemic. The cooperation between the Chinese and American scientific communities is equally impressive, including Professor Lipkin, an infectious disease scientist at Columbia University, who went to China for assistance again after the SARS epidemic in 2003. Chinese experts shared their anti-epidemic experience with medical institutions in the consular district. The Department of Infectious Diseases, Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University, Mount Sinai System in New York, Xiangya Hospital and Yale University held many exchange meetings. At present, the severe epidemic situation caused by Delta virus continues to spread. The Consulate General in New York is willing to continue to work with all walks of life in the consular area to promote the spirit of science, uphold a scientific attitude, and follow scientific laws to promote anti-epidemic cooperation between China and the consular area in various fields. To make joint contributions to mankind’s ultimate victory over the epidemic.

  1. Q: The editorial of the Boston Herald also mentioned that at the beginning of the new crown pneumonia epidemic last year, the then US President Trump stigmatized the new crown virus as the “Chinese virus.” The remarks aroused anti-foreign and anti-Asian sentiments in the United States, and even violent behavior. In this context, speculation about the origin of the virus may also trigger a risk called xenophobia. Regardless of the results of the traceability, political differences will continue to spread. Does the spokesperson have any comments on this?

A: We noticed that this editorial quoted President Biden’s tweets after the Trump administration issued a travel ban on China last year. He said that we are in the midst of the new crown virus crisis and we need to use science to lead the way, not Trump’s crazy behavior of xenophobia and spreading fear. Today, more than a year later, has the situation changed? The following facts may be more convincing:

According to a report by CNN on the 24th, leaders of Asian American organizations such as the Asian American Alliance in New York are worried that the Biden administration will announce the source of the new crown virus. The investigation report will be used to legitimize racist speech, leading to more incidents of anti-Asian violence across the United States. No matter what the report concludes, the Asian American community will continue to be a target for xenophobes. According to a recent report issued by the United States “Stop Hatred of Asian-Pacific Americans”, from March 19, 2020 to June 30, 2021, the organization recorded a total of 9,081 incidents of hatred of Asian-Americans. According to local New York media reports, another 52-year-old Asian woman was assaulted in New York City last Sunday. The attacker also made hateful speeches against Asians, clamoring “return to your country.”

I want to point out that China insists on cooperating to fight the epidemic and opposes the politicization of the epidemic, the stigmatization of the virus, and the instrumentalization of traceability. The concerns of Asian Americans should not be ignored. From the time when the last US government called out the “Chinese virus” to the current government’s public use of intelligence agencies to conduct presumption-style investigations against Wuhan laboratories, some US politicians are still trying to spread stigmatizing remarks around the world. “Shake the pot” and “should blame.” This move has aggravated the discrimination, bullying, hatred, and attack of ethnic minorities in American society, and has worsened the problem of racial discrimination, which runs counter to President Biden’s promise to “unite the United States” in power. China, like all other countries in the world, is a victim of the epidemic and hopes to find the source of the virus as soon as possible and stop the spread of the epidemic as soon as possible. Traceability cooperation must adhere to the scientific direction, and must resolutely oppose politicization. China is willing to work with all parties to actively carry out global scientific traceability and make China’s contribution to mankind’s ultimate victory over the epidemic.