The Chinese delegation concluded: The Chinese Legion has many highlights and successfully completed the task of participating in the competition

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(Tokyo Olympics) Summary of the Chinese delegation: Many highlights of the Chinese Legion have successfully completed their tasks

China News Service, Tokyo, August 8th. The Tokyo Olympics closed on the 8th. The Chinese sports delegation was in the summary book on the same day. At the Olympic Games, it was stated that the Chinese Army successfully completed the task of participating in the competition and showed many bright spots, achieving the goal of achieving a double harvest of competition results and spiritual civilization.

At the Tokyo Olympics, the Chinese sports delegation won a total of 88 gold, 32 silver, 18 bronze medals. The number of gold medals and medals is second only to the United States (the total number of gold medals is 1 behind the US team). (Pieces), tying the best overseas participation in the London Olympics.

When summarizing the performance of each event, the Chinese delegation stated that in this Olympic Games, China’s traditional advantageous events maintained a dominant position, and the basic major items have made significant progress.

This time, China’s traditional superiority project won 28 gold medals, accounting for 74% of the total number of gold medals. Among them, weightlifting, diving, and table tennis remained strong and stable, and the strength of shooting, badminton, and gymnastics rebounded significantly.

The Chinese delegation concluded: The Chinese Legion has many highlights and successfully completed the task of participating in the competition

On the basic items , Swimming harvested 3 golds, 2 silvers and 1 bronze, the women’s 4×200m freestyle relay broke the world record and won the highest number of gold medals in history; track and field events bloomed more, shot put and javelin won the championship, and achieved a breakthrough in Olympic gold medals in field events. Su Bingtian entered the Olympic final with 9.83 seconds in the semifinals; he performed outstandingly in the water sports, winning a total of 3 golds, 2 silvers and 3 bronzes.

In addition, the women’s track cycling team broke the world record and successfully defended the Olympic champion. The women’s epee won the first Olympic gold medal in the individual epee event. The women’s basketball group stage won the promotion, women’s rugby entered the Olympic Games for the first time and successfully broke into the quarterfinals.

The Chinese delegation concluded: The Chinese Legion has many highlights and successfully completed the task of participating in the competition(1)


p >The Chinese delegation believes that in this Olympics, the Chinese team showed many bright spots:

First, the coverage of the gold-winning event has been broadened. Won gold medals in 14 events including track and field, swimming, diving, weightlifting, gymnastics, trampoline, shooting, table tennis, badminton, rowing, kayaking, sailing, windsurfing, cycling, and fencing.

The second is the increase in the thickness of competitive sports talents. Among the 38 gold medals, 12 were in group events with more than 2 people, accounting for 32%. There were 52 gold medalists, the highest number of foreign participants, second only to the 60 people in the Beijing Olympics. Won the top 8 with 158, which is also the highest in the history of overseas competition.

The third is a record of multiple projects. China broke 1 world record each in weightlifting, shooting, swimming, and cycling, and created 21 Olympic records in total. At the same time, 10 minor events swept the championship and runner-up, successfully defending the gold medal in 11 minor events.

Fourth, both veterans and newcomers have outstanding performance. Gong Lijiao, Lu Xiaojun, Ma Long, Pang Wei, Shi Tingmao and other veteran players won the gold medal. Su Bingtian and Zhang Liang achieved personal best results; Yang Qian, Zhang Changhong, Quan Hongchan, Guan Chenchen, Yang Junxuan and many other “post-00” players performed well .

The Chinese delegation pointed out that although the Chinese team’s achievements in the Tokyo Olympics are in line with expectations, there are also some obvious shortcomings and weaknesses, such as the unbalanced project structure, traditional superior projects are facing severe challenges, and some Projects have not played their due level, there are still gaps in direct confrontational projects, and some projects have hidden concerns about backup talents. These issues should be paid attention to.

It is reported that the Chinese delegation has notified all participating teams and preparation units to systematically summarize the Tokyo Olympic Games participation and preparations, and prepare for the next Olympic cycle. (End)