The Chinese sports delegation achieved outstanding results in the 32nd Olympic Games

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CCTV News (News Broadcast): The Tokyo Olympic Games will end all competitions today (August 8), and the closing ceremony is currently being held at the Tokyo New National Stadium. In this Olympic Games, the Chinese sports delegation won a total of 38 gold medals, 32 silver medals, and 18 bronze medals. The number of gold medals and the total number of medals ranked second.

In the women’s boxing 75 kg finals this afternoon, Li Qian added another silver medal to the Chinese team. The karate women’s 61 kg and above competition was held last night, and Chinese player Gong Li won the bronze medal. Also in the synchronized swimming team free optional final held last night, the Chinese team won the silver medal with a total score of 195.531 points. Chinese player Sun Yanan won the second place in the women’s freestyle wrestling 50 kg final.

The Chinese sports delegation achieved outstanding results in the 32nd Olympic Games

After 00 Young player Yang Qian won the first gold medal for the Chinese team. During the 16 game days, whenever the “Volunteer March” played, the five-star red flag was raised above the stadium, allowing the Chinese inside and outside the stadium to share the glory and pride. . Diving, weightlifting, table tennis, shooting, badminton, gymnastics and other traditional superior events are still the main force in the Chinese delegation’s “golden prize” competition, winning 28 gold medals in total. Among them, the diving “Dream Team” conquered the referees and spectators with perfect textbook performance time and time again, and collected 7 golds and 5 silvers.

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China Weightlifting Team This time, 4 men and women were sent to participate in the competition. They achieved 7 gold and 1 silver in 8 events, broke Olympic and world records many times, and perfectly interpreted China’s power to the world. The Chinese table tennis team also continued to show their strong dominance in Tokyo and defended the glory of the national football.

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This Olympic Games Last year, the Chinese team made major breakthroughs in the two basic events of track and field and swimming. Gong Lijiao won the women’s shot put championship, and Liu Shiying won the women’s javelin gold medal. Both gold medals were the first Olympic gold of the Chinese team in the event. In addition, Chinese players also won historic silver medals in men’s triple jump and women’s hammer throw. Su Bingtian broke the Asian record in 9.83 seconds and broke into the men’s 100m final for the first time, and finished sixth in history. This is not only Chinese speed, but also Asian glory. The performance of 2 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze also created the best result of the Chinese track and field team in the Olympics.

This time, the Chinese swimming team handed over 3 golds, 2 silvers and 1 bronze. 23-year-old Zhang Yufei won two consecutive gold medals in more than an hour on the 29th. She won the women’s 200-meter butterfly first, and then won the gold medal in the women’s 4×200-meter freestyle relay with her teammates with a world record-breaking performance. The 27-year-old Wang Shun won the gold medal in the men’s 200m medley final, breaking the 17-year monopoly of American players in the event.

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In addition, China The shooting team won a total of 4 gold, 1 silver, 6 bronze and 11 medals in the Tokyo Olympics, setting a record for the highest medal in the history of the Chinese shooting team’s Olympic participation. In the rowing women’s quadruple sculls and trampoline women’s individual events, the Chinese team won gold again for the first time in 13 years. Sun Yiwen won the first women’s individual epee gold medal in Olympic history for the Chinese fencing team. In the women’s three-player basketball that entered the Olympics for the first time, the Chinese team beat the French team and won a bronze medal.

Behind these impressive results is a young team with an average age of only 25.4 years old, and 70% of the athletes participated in the Olympics for the first time. The young players are domineering on the stage and the veterans have aspirations. Among them, apart from the 14-year-old diving star Quan Hongchan, the 16-year-old gymnastics rookie Guan Chenchen, and the 17-year-old diving players Zhang Jiaqi and Chen Yuxi, 19 years old Swimmer Li Bingjie and post-00 Li Wenwen, who broke the Olympic record three times and won the women’s 87 kg weightlifting gold medal in one “stroke”; also included shooting athlete Pang Wei who went to the Olympics for four times, and overcoming injuries and leading the men’s table tennis team to win the championship Sports veterans such as Ma Long, their confidence and frankness are impressive, and they continue to break through themselves and set records in the Olympic arena, which not only allows the Olympic spirit to pass on, but also allows the future of Chinese sports to be expected.