The fallacy of American “intelligence traceability”: unbelief in science and the horror behind “secret agents”

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In-depth global observation丨The fallacy of American “intelligence traceability”: unbelief in the horror behind “secret agents” in science

On the occasion of the 90-day deadline set by US President Biden, the US Director of National Intelligence The Office (DNI) has first thrown out the so-called “traceability report” which is secret, and then released the “non-confidential summary” of the report.

According to this summary, the branches of the US intelligence system are still unable to unify their views between the two theories of “natural origin” and “laboratory leak”.

The report that the US intelligence agency was “suppressed” within the time limit is considered to be a handed over to Biden, and the outside world has two “expectations” about the results of the report: one is that there is no information on the origin of the virus. The final conclusion; the second is to continue to dump China on the grounds of “lack of data from China”.

However, the pale and absurd conclusions of its report may even be aware of the United States itself. Who would believe the traceability report produced by “secret agents” instead of scientists? ! To put it more simply, who would believe in the US intelligence agencies that have a reputation for “liing, deceiving, and stealing”? !

The fallacy of American “intelligence traceability”: unbelief in science and the horror behind “secret agents”

△Just even “Wall Street Journal” editorials were very disappointed with this report: “Why do Americans spend 85.8 billion dollars a year to raise intelligence agencies? About 18 intelligence agencies worked for 90 days under the order of President Biden, and concluded that But it’s a conclusion everyone has already reached.”

Planning-exporting a fixed routine of turmoil

Looking back at the recent decades, the United States has burned the flames of war for its own hegemony. In various parts of the world, how many times have intelligence agencies planted and created reasons for the use of force in a systematic way? !

The most “classic” case is none other than “washing powder planted”. After the “9.11” incident, in order to take the opportunity to get rid of the “enemy” in the Middle East that had long been displeasing to the eye, the United States simply planted and ruined the Saddam regime in Iraq.

Since 2002, the United States has made a series of preparations for public opinion:

The fallacy of American “intelligence traceability”: unbelief in science and the horror behind “secret agents”(1)

△The main timeline for the US government to lie on the Iraq issue sorted out by VOX News.

Planning Iraq The public opinion momentum of the People’s Republic of China is almost created, and only a “decisive blow” is owed. Therefore, on February 5, 2003, when the then US Secretary of State Colin Powell spoke at the UN Security Council, he used a test tube filled with white powder as “evidence” and accused Iraq of possession of “biochemical weapons of mass destruction.”

The fallacy of American “intelligence traceability”: unbelief in science and the horror behind “secret agents”(2)

△Powell is in The so-called “evidence” revealed by the UN Security Council was later ridiculed as “washing powder”.

Six weeks later, the US-British coalition forces used “elimination of weapons of mass destruction” without authorization from the United Nations. By fought against Iraq, and eventually changed the country’s regime.

So far, the United States has not been able to come up with conclusive evidence of the existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, but this lie-based war has killed hundreds of thousands of people in Iraq and left millions of people homeless. It is indeed a fact of blood.

The fallacy of American “intelligence traceability”: unbelief in science and the horror behind “secret agents”(3)

△Germany Acoustic article “The Iraq War was a lie from the beginning”: “The Lancet” magazine estimates that more than 650,000 Iraqis “extra death” in the war.

More than ten years later, Syria has become a new target planted by the United States.

In the summer of 2016, when the fighting in Aleppo, Syria, was raging, a photo of the local 5-year-old boy Omran Daknesh, who was covered in dust and blood after an explosion, was once in the global media. The spread of the madness has become another “iron proof” that the United States and the West have attacked the Syrian government. As everyone knows, the publisher of this “iron proof” is actually the “Syrian Civil Defense Organization” (also known as the “White Helmet”) funded by the United States and the West.

The fallacy of American “intelligence traceability”: unbelief in science and the horror behind “secret agents”(4)

△Father Muhammad Said that Omran suffered only minor injuries at the time, and the blood stains on his face in the photo actually came from his father. At that time, a “gunner” took Omran into an ambulance and filmed a video of him, and then they sent Omran to the hospital, who did not need medical attention.

In 2018, the United States used “intelligence shows that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons” as an excuse to gather allies to launch an air strike against Syria. But the facts have proved that the so-called “evidence” is again a posing video of the “white helmet”.

The continuation of “tracing terrorism”

This time, the U.S. government, which has been engaged in “tracing terrorism”, ignored the recognized scientific evidence and insisted on taking the “stolen” of the origin of the new crown virus. Planted to China, so it can only bring the notorious American intelligence agency to the fore again.

It is worth noting that when the U.S. government used intelligence agencies to conduct so-called traceability reports in an attempt to “presumption of guilt” on China, the Chinese Embassy in the United States once again solemnly reminded the majority of Chinese citizens in the United States to strengthen security precautions. Be vigilant against discrimination and violence against Asians.

A number of US media have also issued articles, reporting that Asian Americans in the US are worried that the US government’s repeated politicization of the virus’s origin may continue to push up the wave of “hatred against Asia”.

The fallacy of American “intelligence traceability”: unbelief in science and the horror behind “secret agents”(5)

△American Cable CNN: Leaders of Asian-American organizations worry that the so-called “tracing report” released by the Biden administration will be used to legitimize racist speech, leading to more incidents of anti-Asian violence across the United States.

In fact, Chinese citizens and Asian-Pacific Americans in the United States have long been innocent victims of “tracing terrorism.” When the new crown pneumonia epidemic first appeared in the United States, then President Trump stigmatized the new crown virus as a “Chinese virus”, exposing the United States’ political attempts to blame the epidemic on China.

The fallacy of American “intelligence traceability”: unbelief in science and the horror behind “secret agents”(6)

△local time On March 16, 2020, Trump used the term “Chinese virus” for the first time on social media.

Now, Biden, who used to criticize Trump’s “anti-Asian” policy to fight for votes, seems to have just changed his approach and delegated the task of traceability to intelligence agencies, which fully demonstrates that Biden’s importance is not the same. The facts are the truth, but hope to get a result that meets their own political needs.

In fact, as early as the deadline of August 24, when the U.S. intelligence agency submitted the so-called “traceability report” to Biden, the Washington Post quoted an unnamed official as saying that the intelligence community “does not It must be the most capable of solving this problem” because it is fundamentally a scientific problem.

The fallacy of American “intelligence traceability”: unbelief in science and the horror behind “secret agents”(7)

△《Washington Screenshot of The Post’s report

Knowing that it cannot be done and acting forcibly, it just shows that the so-called “investigation” is essentially an anti-science and politicized “drama” of traceability.

And from the first time a US politician called out the “Chinese virus” to the successive exposure of the history of the conspiracy of US intelligence agencies, it is not difficult to predict that American politicians who are destined to be unable to get any real evidence will only need not If they change, they will continue to find ways to compose “washing powder” that can plant China.

As the British international relations expert Tom Foday said in his latest review article, the so-called “traceability report” of the US intelligence agency failed to provide any evidence that the new crown virus originated in the Wuhan laboratory in China. But this does not prevent the United States from blaming China for the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic.

The fallacy of American “intelligence traceability”: unbelief in science and the horror behind “secret agents”(8)

△Tom· An article published by Foday on the “Russia Today” website believes that as the US government is under increasing pressure, its never-ending “accusation of China game” will not end.