The Lambda variant still dominates Peru, the third wave of outbreaks may appear in September

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China News Service, August 12th. According to Peru’s “Gazette” on the 11th, the National Institute of Health of the Ministry of Health of Peru analyzed 3804 samples collected from patients with new coronary pneumonia from January to August 2021. It is determined that the Lambda variant is still the most important mutant virus in Peru.

The Lambda variant still dominates Peru, the third wave of outbreaks may appear in September


p > According to reports, the Ministry of Health said that the Lambda variant is the most important variant of the new coronavirus in Peru, with 2656 cases (69.82%). Followed by the gamma variant, there are 752 cases (19.77%); the delta variant has 74 cases (1.95%); the alpha variant has 17 cases (0.45%).

The Minister of Health Hernando Ceballos estimates that the third wave of outbreaks in Peru will occur in the last week of September. This time it will be less destructive because more people will have received the new crown. vaccine.

Dr. Carlos Lescano, chairman of the Peruvian Institute of Intensive Care Medicine, reported on the 11th that 90% of patients admitted to the Peruvian Intensive Care Unit had not received any of the two doses of the new crown vaccine. one dose. About 7% to 8% of patients received only one dose of vaccine before admission, and 2% of patients received two doses of vaccine.

He said: “This means that the new coronavirus vaccine does help reduce the mortality or severe illness rate of the new coronavirus.” In some cases, patients admitted to the hospital should be vaccinated, but not, and in In other cases, it has not yet been their turn to vaccinate.

Lescano pointed out that one of the characteristics of the second wave of the epidemic is that 50% of ICU patients are under the age of 50, and 30% to 40% of patients do not have diabetes, hypertension or obesity.

According to the latest research by the Peruvian CDC, if the third wave of epidemic occurs in Peru, in the worst case, more than 115,000 people will die from the new crown virus.